Loading Song.xml failed (backup files also failed to load despite successful save)

Hello. I’m encountering a very serious issue.

All of my song’s file (including its auto-backup) seems to be unable to be parsed. The last time all of them saved, the save went well and no errors were spit out.


This is a very serious problem, as I need to finish the project very soon.
If anyone needs the xrns file, I will send to them in their private message because its size.


Thank you.

One thing I noticed is that the XML file’s size is absolutely humongous. 1.33GB.
Something must have happened while it was saving.

Edit: the file itself seems to be fine. My hypothesis is that Renoise gave up loading the file for some reason. Needs more testing.

Not sure if someone is helping already since you mentioned private messages.
I’d like to suggest, since you indicate a resolution is needed ‘soon’, sending an
email to support or messaging Taktik using @ here in this thread.

Wonder if it is a particular section of the xml that is a problem, and if that
section could be replaced with a more generic version, not sure though.

The private message part is a just-in-case honestly.
I’ve already sent a mail to support. I’m not sure if it has reached the system, but just in case…

@taktik Any insights on this would be greatly appreciated; I’ve also attached the xrns file here if you need it.

Update: Tried using an XML validator and found one line (3980293) with likely more than 10M characters of data. Not sure what is causing this, but none of my tools seem to be able to handle this line and thus I can’t look at it.
Update 2: The line had 1329349378 characters. Seems to be like a Data Chunk, but I have no idea what this data belongs to.

Have you try to delete this line???

I’ll try. The line is so big I can’t do anything smoothly on it, though.


Notepad++ portable…2 Gb file limit

Using that exact program at the moment. It froze when I try to move to the line, so I’m doing some extra maneuvers with Python at the moment.

Portable…My favourite IDE…Written in delphi…

I have made a 15$ donation for this software

…I think I got this down. Checking a few more things and I’ll mark this as closed.

Share the solution before closing

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Alright, after some experiments, I finally got the problems down.

  1. There was a huge chunk of data in line 3980293; the line itself accounted for 1.32GB of data. I suspect that the XML reader somehow choked on this line due to its sheer size.
  • Solution: Removed the data inside the block.
  1. One of the instrument’s name did not get through encoding checks.
  • Solution: Deleted the instrument.

This might still happen, but for now the problem is solved.

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