Location of Unsaved Backups + Crashbackups

Just had a crash on Renoise 2.1 but I guess it’s only worth reporting if it’s semi-regular, or re-creatable, yeah?

But this did mean I lost the little work I had done on a new project today (the first time on my new laptop and first thing I’ve started on the computer for what must be close to a year.)

A copy should of been saved in the CrashBackups in Application Data right?

As I hadn’t saved anything yet (hadn’t done much but to play around with a few VSTi and made a simple beat trying to get my bearings back.) Is there nowhere, or is it not worth adding somewhere, that projects that have not yet been saved by the user get saved at the backup time interval, like with previously saved projects?

If you’re interested what I did when it crashed was close DSK Asian DreamZ VSTi opening String Theory in it’s place, which worked briefly and then Renoise closed with no message. Last message in the Log is Renoise releasing DSK Asian DreamZ. Doesn’t seem to be re-creatable and don’t think it’s worth worrying about.

I thought the crashbackup was also made in the preference folder where you can find the log-files.
A direct link in the help-menu will open the folder in explorer.

Automatic backups will only be saved if you have saved your new song at least for the first time.
Ofcourse, loaded and changed songs should be saved automatically.
But Renoise does not guess the file-name and auto saves it if you have not submitted it once by clicking the save-icon.

That’s where the folder is but nothing this time. Nevermind, as I said I hadn’t really done much as was just getting to grips again with Renoise and checking a few VSTs in the fresh install on my new lappy.

Fair enough and to be honest it’s probably not worth changing even if it would stop the rare occurrences like I experienced above. I was just checking there wasn’t somewhere else to look I’d missed where it might save something along the lines of an _untitled_backup.xrns but if there’s not don’t worry.

A crashbackup is attempted to be made if Renoise gets a fair chance to do it. If a VST plugin crashes, Renoise does not always get a fair chance to make one.
The log-file may at least tell which plugin crashed and perhaps what area the plugin caused problems.

bumping this, i need help reverting a project i have A LOT of work i lost, have an older version saved but my whole day yesterday is ruined, thanks in advance