lock instruments to track

i don’t know if this already came up in the ideas forum, i’m working on a big complex tune with lots of small snippets of samples resulting in a lot of instruments (around 60-80 now)

is there a way to automatically select the instrument used in a track when you click on the column? say like a ‘lock instrument to track’ button where each instrument has it’s own track.

ofcourse then you could only use one instrument per track but now i lose a lot of time browsing the instruments looking for ‘that’ specific instrument…

(this might be not the most elegant solution but it seems the most logical way for me)

edit: while thinking about this, the ability to group instruments per track in the instrument browser upper right would be cool. so each time you select a track you see all instruments used in that track in upper right instrument browser and you still can use several instruments on the same track

Auto Capture Instrument From Pattern not do what you want? It’s under the Option menu. There is also an option to do it as and when you click it/use the keyboard shortcut, rather than only doing it as you change track/pattern. I think it will only change if there is a note in the track in the pattern you move in.

There is also a Tool knocking around which apparently works more smoothly than the native version.

Auto Capture Instrument option is a pretty good solution for this problem (for me at least) most of the time
I’ve created a tool though that does about the same thing, downloadable here: nl.jeweett.AutoSelectInstrument.xrnx. As far as I can remember the only difference in operation is that this tool does not change the selected instrument when playing and pattern follow is on and the play+edithead jump to a new pattern, only when you change tracks. It’s also got the option for a keyboard shortcut to toggle (another difference is: the tool version then displays ‘ON’ or ‘OFF’ in the status bar)

if you ctrl + click on the note in the pattern, the instrument gets highlighted… dunno if that helps?

I didn`t know about that!!! Approx. 5 years of my life have been spent searching for instruments

Seems to be Ctrl+DoubleClick but I never knew that either. Getting your cursor over a note and hitting Shoft+Ctrl+Enter always used to be my method ;)

awesome, i was looking for this. thanks for your help guys!