Lock Pattern Track To One Synth ?

Hello !

I put 2 vst synth & assigned it at 2 track (1&2) but when I record notes these was writing in the first pattern track 1 at current cursor position !
it is possible to lock a pattern track to a vst instrument and just select an other vsti without changing position cursor ?
Thank you !

if i understand your question correctly, you want to lock an insturment to a certain track…

Unlike many sequencers, in Renoise an instrument can be used on ANY track. There is no way to “lock” an instrument to one track.

check out Instrument Selector and Recording And Editing Notes in the manual for more info.

Some very useful keyboard shortcuts: TAB moves the cursor to the note column (or track, if using only one column) to the right, while Shift + TAB moves to the note column to the left.

hope that helps

You were saying?

well aw shucks… thanks for pointing that out vV.

Frederic Heim, you wanted the note data to be bound to a specific tack, correct? I got that vibe from your comments about the cursor.

The Track routing box only binds the output of the VSTi to the selected track. Note data from that VSTi can still be placed in any track, but the output will always be routed to the specified track…

from the manual:

You understand exactly what I want B) renoise is to much flexible, If you do not mind to changing track pattern when you are changing instruments it becomes a headache for found corresponding notes at good instruments !
I need to put in my head this reflex to changing track pattern every time :w00t:

that’s all you gotta do… soon it will become a habit!

glad i could help.

I have write it on a big paper A4 over my screen " NE PAS OUBLER DE CHANGER DE TRACK PATTERN " :yeah:

I tried this and if i am in track 2 and have instrument 00 selected it still records in tract 2 not track 1 is there a way to focus the instrument to the channel you are in?

If i click on track 2 it will auto change to instrument 2 for example. (is this posible?)

the track assignment does not route notes to a specific track but only the resulting audio.

in order to bound note input to a single track, you can assign the MIDI input of the instrument to a specific MIDI controller (f.e. a MIDI keyboard) and assign it to the desired track, but of course for this you need a MIDI controller exclusively assigned to that instrument. Once set, any note played on that MIDI controller will be recorded into the designated track

i guess one could write a script which uses the “capture nearest instrument” feature whenever it detects a move to a different track.

That already exists “Auto capture instruments from pattern” in the Options menu.
It isn’t perfect though, but i believe someone wrote a tool that does this a tad bit better as well.