Lock Sampler Instrument To Track

Aside from using it to put the note on is there a way to assign a sampler instrument to a particular track like you can with VSTs?

I’ve found a load of my old amiga mods i’d like to reappropriate and I switched tracks a lot because it didn’t matter back then, which is causing a minor headache.

click that little arrow pointing right in the plugin settings area of the instrument.
you can then change the output from automatic to something else.

2930 rns_output_vsti_on_that_track.png

edit: this also works with multi-output vstis such as samplers.

That tool might work.

@Syflom. Thanks but I meant using renoises internal sampler, i know I can use vst locking for external samplers such as kontakt, but was wondering about the internal sampler. Looks like the tool may be what I need :)