Lockdown breaks vol.2 by luke vibert

Hey guys,
someone could tell me better why i should buy a pack of already known breaks samples ?
There is something different/out of the ordinary in this collection ? I mean, I love every single piece of music by don Vibert, but in which these sample should be different by the original ones ? It’s all about post-treatment, processing samples ?

Anyway here you can listen and buy it:

They are very clean processed breaks,you are paying to not have to do the work for yourself,also his approach and therefore the results would most likely differ from your own, giving a bit of variation to your collection. I happen to have this collection, its nothing special, but the breaks clearly have a lot of work done on them. If you want super clean breaks and don’t want to spend hours yourself doing it, then i would recommend you buy it.

Thanks for clarifying man! Now it’s clear.
Very curious to know which kind of instruments / processors he uses to clean breaks.
It would been great to receive more infos about it.

You really don’t need a lot of fancy tools, eq, multi band compressor,transient shaper, limiter, clipper.
Just one of each of those will get you really clean stuff.I spend most my time going the opposite direction though!Taking something clean and dirtying it up.

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Thanks for the tips mate!
yes me too. Sometime i want them dirty. But sometime you need to render them more punchy!
I’m using Transient Master from NI and it is so good.