locking envelope length to sample length

am i missing something obvious here? i’d like to lock the instrument envelope length to a certain sample length. i use renoise instruments usually as one shot loopers.

how do i count how long a sample is in ticks?

So obviously you can only do it for playing the sample at a single pitch, but determine how many beats long your sample is and multiply by 24.

yeah i was trying that but if you have samples that don’t end on a beat that gets quite tricky…

anyway, it’s not really critical for my purposes. lfo does the job.


Well to get as close as you can set a Ruler to Beats, zoom into the end of the sample and note the fractional number (you will note it counts from 0-255 between each beat) and let’s call this value X.

24 x Beats + 24X/256 = Envelope Ticks.

(I assume you can count the Beats part OK.) Probably no harm in always rounding to the next number up. But if looping and looped envelopes things might start to slip out of time, but then again if you’re looping something not exactly on the beat it’s likely to start going out of time no matter what! You can always use the Sync option to make an exact number of Lines (and thus Beats.) Also Envelopes are only so long so if using really large samples your LFO method might be the only way…

cheers dood. and yeah LFOs are probably the way to go for me. i do big baggy loops anyway :)