Locks And Switches

Click, clack. Tell me what you think! :ph34r:

There’s a bit of rain out today, those short percussive sounds are quite fit as well as the relaxed melodic lines.

hey, td6d ! cute twinkling track, lots of clic clacs !
After the introduction of the main track theme, it would be cool if you could make a stronger wobble, with a more acidified touch, on the bassline, after 1:30mn, with brighter reverb/delays on the xylophones and a stronger drumkit.
Btw, I can hear “oh shit” at 1:04 ! Funny !

Liked it a lot.


Hmm, I think I should change the bass up a little.
And its actually a pretty good idea to actually introduce a drumkit somewhere along the way. Now it’s all just about 10 different clicks with variations in pitch etc.

Hehe, yeah I messed up one recording (I think I dropped my field recorder) and I sweared out loud without really knowing it. When I heard it back I thought it would fit in well :D

Thanks man!