Lodsb - Aero


two years of noodling finally came to an end; I just wanted to quickly point out that my new album is released. I used renoise + supercollider heavily in the sound design process; thanks for all you guys pointing out some awesome techniques to finally kill sound ;)


album mix:

there was already a short review out on igloomag:
“Deriving DSP-bound electrical pulses dipped in muddy soil, each augmented slice of high-pitch-low-pitch squelches offers a detailed perspective of how machines can transform into artistic visual-audio platforms. […] Not only does Lodsb bend, twist, shift and peal layers of digital corruption, he does so with the ease and fury of parallel artistic voyagers such as Funckarma, FMcontrol, Randomform, Richard Devine et al. […] what remains is a turbulent dose of snips, snaps and crunched compositions keeping your eyes and ears locked-in from start to finish.”

it is available for free + on vinyl + the stems are there for anyone interested in playing around with it/remixing


Very nice and interesting!

thank you very much kx.001! I am glad someone is digging it :D and thanks for the heads up @ kvr ;)

wow that was a freaky listening session. Also thanks for the stempackages!

What’d I do? :) One of my mates likes it as well, but that was on Facebook…

hah! maybe you find something there to play around; if you make something out of it, please let me know!


thanks guys!