Lofi and epic future bass (BGM)

Back to my tiny Make A Wish project, I was commissioned to make two musics for a beautiful visual novel with a sci-fi anime ambiance.

The game is currently under developement, but I can share the tracks on Soundcloud, so here are the tracks:

I have fun to make these, and I’m happy to come back to some videogame music. ^^

Main setup with Renoise:

  • vst UVI Falcon (all synths)
  • vst EastWest/Quantum Leap RA (for the koto in lofi track)
  • various drum samples and fx

I’m not into videogame music even in videogame at all, but both track sound very good, Asian City it’s more inspired and remind Miyazaki Laputa soundtrack :slight_smile:

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Thanks! :slight_smile: Yes effectively the low-tempo track is japanese-inspired with the koto harp notes and shakuhachi flutes chopped samples.