Lofi Mat Rates up to 44.100

Hi guys…

About the lofimat, why is the rate limited to a maximum of 22,050 hz? Wouldn’t it make more sense to have control all the way up to 44,100 hz? Aliasing is still possible in the high freqency range at 30,000 hz for example, and it would be useful to sweep from no aliasing full cd quality to extreme aliasing. The way the lofi mat is now it cant be turned on without having a very obvious loss en signal quality.


Im not sure if i am misunderstanding you or you are misunderstanding me, so il try to be a bit more clear. the reason i made this post was for the devs to consider setting the maximum rate to somthing higher then present.

And that is exactly my point, as is right now u cant do a sweep into aliasing but if the rate was higher (44,100 hz) then that would be possible.

Hope that makes my intent a bit more clear.


This bugged me also… when I want to sweep from extreme lofi to full quality, I’m capped off at 22khz which is pretty silly :P … nowhere NEAR full quality.

What would you expect from LoFi?
Later on someone else will purpose to add levels up to 32bit samples…
If you want to mask rough transitions, what is wrong with using filter effects?

It’s just a matter of having missing resolution… what if I WANT to reduce 44khz to 33khz?

The problem: When I ramp up the bitrate using automation, I can go up to 22khz, but when I turn off the lofimat at that point, there’s a noticeable jolt when it switches back to 44khz(or higher). This makes it a USELESS effect for transitioning in sounds. Without the ability to smoothly transition, you might as well have not fixed the bitrate parameter and released lofimat2 in the first place.


because I agree with El Byte

Slightly off topic: When LofiMat 2 came out, I wanted to use it but didn’t know quite how or where in the mix it fit, other than adding some harmonics to a sound or “bringing it forward” in the mix.

Now I use it like a synth, using rate automations for melody & harmony. Google piano note frequencies or check out the black chart at this thread:

It kind of sucks in as far as this method is an unnecessary time vampire-and it might sound crap-, but i would use 3 one shot LFOs (still think we should have the option to do anything and everything from one), one ramping up the rate and one tailing off the wet mix while another ups the dry; copying the 3 “reset” pattern commands every time as necessary.

:w00t: I’ve been doing this with ring mod for a while. I’ll have to give this a go! What i like doing with ring mod is having maybe 3 tracks with different harmonics of my “base” ring mod. It can turn what can be very annoying effects at times into something much warmer and can be good at cheating things into “fitting together” in the mix. For some reason I haven’t played around with LofiMat nearly enough. I will now though.

I’ll have to give the ring mod a go as well. Sounds like an interesting way to use it.

I’m using the Lofi as a synth type effect with one composition at the moment. Its like turning your instruments into a Gamelan ensemble.

The standard percussion (kick, snare, hh, crash) is now Lofi tuned to other melodic/harmonic instruments. I can let the percussion have its own melodic/harmonic movements or let it be part of other melodic/harmonic movements.

I’m using a single cycle sine xrni and automating the attached Lofi, making it two independent instruments.

edit: you can also follow your xrni or vst/au melody/harmony with rate automated Lofi to match the frequency or you can transpose it.

I’m having some trouble with the 22kHz cap aswell. Me and a friend are currently preparing a liveset, letting all audio run through Renoise + effects. Because the enable/disable checkboxes are not (yet?) midi mappable we’re forced to have them enabled all the time. Lofimat is one of the effects we love to use, but because it turns our whole set into 22kHz rather then the normal 44.1kHz we’re forced to look at VST capable of doing a similar thing. That’s a shame, I’d love to keep it 100% Renoise.

EDIT: Before you all go like “Use the dry/wet parameters!”, I know that’s possible. The point is that I just want to turn a knob and hear the effect, without moving faders or turning other knobs just to enable the effect. :)

Exactly. ;)

I’d need to check it out, but I’d think LoFiMat at 22KHz is resampling at 44KHz. (like a filter) It would make sense.

Does it sound low-fi set at 22KHz? I don’t remember, haven’t used the effect in awhile.


I’m currently using that as a temporarily workaround. I still need to use an extra control to enable the effect though.

The difference is huge.

There’s quite a noticeable difference… just put it at max quality settings and toggle it on/off to hear the difference.

why not leave it on? 0% wet 100% dry = off…

Because I control the number of hertz and the dry/wet ratio seperately.

Ahh. Just wondering. I was in an area where I couldn’t test it when I responded earlier.

Seems like an issue that should probably be dealt with.