lofi oldschool sampler

have you seen the neu tal sampler

it has some cool feature that would be sweet in renoise sampler

Vintage DAC modes (Emu II, AM6070, Sample Hold).

Variable sample rate.


Yeah, ive been thinking about this too but there are more important things for renoise right now IMHO
and lofi device is nice.

but i agree that this is the most interesting function in the new tal sampler.

Was playing Redux VST hosted by Plogue Bidule the other day, if you actually change the host sample rate to some weird configuration (like, 12 khz) and turn the anti-aliasing on, Redux would play wonderfully as a super efficient lo-fi sampler, also the oversampling distortion/filters works great under this state. I guess Renoise itself wont do this, but Reaper (hosting Redux) probably will (haven’t tried yet).

I almost bought the Tal sampler recently, not for the lofi stuff but the easy accessible envelopes. Gave up on trying to get its default library working out of the box; though I didn`t troubleshoot too hard…

Instead I wrote my AHDSR tool for accessing the renoise volume envelope more easily.

Tal does seem to have some nice lofi stuff when I ran my own samples though it. Not priority stuff for me but interesting none the less.

a gritty sample interpolation in sampler editor would be great

check this post to here it

As someone who uses SRR in subtle ways on nearly everything, I’d love a selection of interpolation algos. Would allow me to drop the number of vst fx I use specifically for that purpose. As of now, I find LofiMat to be a little difficult to tame, even with proper filtering, etc… Maybe this is the sort of need a tool could fill? If someone could make a tool that models the pitching on the SP-12 and s950, hell, I’d probably delete all my vsts.