Lofimat - for understanding

Hello all Renoisers!

Probably I have a silly question, but I don’t get it right now…

For learning purposes I placed a LofiMat-Effect into a test tune’s

master track with the given parameters: 2 bits resolution, 22 kHz

rate, no smoothing, no “dry signal”, full wet (see image).

After that, I animated that tune into a waveform 16 bit, 22 kHz stereo

and loaded it into Audacity.

And here my question: If you count the value steps either the “green way”

or the “red way”, you’d come to the result, that you always need three bits

for volume - and only in the positive direction. “Bit claim” would even be

more in sum with values below the zero line.

-> So - how is the Bit Crunch parameter of LofiMat to be understood ?

5775 bitcrunch1.PNG

5776 bitcrunch2.PNG

Renoise is version 3.0.1.

Thanks already for reading &



P.S.: Thank you developers for this unbelievable software.