Log of the Fog


Once in a Fog…

Hope you like it :slight_smile:

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Happy New Year!

Favorite bit is at the start, with cautious tones testing if they can make up a melody. Just as they do, however, a huge gust blows into the sound and melody-wise, things come to a stop. But I also like how it goes into a different territory from then on. Sounds like it’s part of a live jam?

And +1 for the stereo cheekyness, I had to check if my speakers were properly connected :walkman:

Strange and mesmerizing.

I felt sorrow, mystery and a bit of darkness.

Not really in atmospheric stuff, so I was waiting for a beat to kick in.

I pictured a dream sequence in a movie while listening to your track.

Good and interestingwork!

I must have slowed down. Thank you for your feedback, danoise. I am glad you like it. Yes, it was something weird. I felt as if it was my first time. I was all quite intuitive, I was doing the thing I had never done before. I didn’t understand how I came to be there, and I was up only when the track was finished. Yes, the main part was done by recording something I was playing. It was 3 min of spontaneous sounds. I wanted to erase everything, but when I listened to it, I was itching to tune necessary effects. I was like in a trans. The sound wasn’t fading and all the attention was dissolving in it. Somewhere in the middle I woke from it not really understanding what’s happened and started to add logical crutches, which became the second part with a similar structure. As a result, this work was born. It is similar to the state of sleep paralysis.

Thank you for the feedback, PPLo. I am glad you find it interesting. Honestly, I was also hoping for the beat to come out. But there was no such structure and I really thought I was stuck when I finally found logical crutches in a form of sound-like drum noise. A part of my brain was cooled down. Honestly, at some moment I thought these were the sounds of the machines Chief from One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest heard (it’s a pity these parallel reality scenes were not included in the movie). Maybe this is an example of the brain trying to comprehend the things it’s not supposed to.