Logitech G502 Mouse causing strange behavior in Renoise?

I am new to the forum and Renoise as well so I hope I am asking this in the right place.

I use a Logitech G502 mouse with button mappings to help me navigate my projects. The mouse button mappings have become very useful but I keep running into weird interactions between it and Renoise. The mouse may work for a while doing exactly what I need it to do, but slowly over time it starts to cause problems with Renoise and the mouse button short cuts start bugging out and doing weird things. Also moving the mouse sometimes totally freezes up the UI. Sometimes just restarting Renoise helps but thats a drag.

I guess I am just wanting to see if anyone else uses a mouse (maybe even the G502) with button mappings and has seen this occur. I can’t tell if it’s with the mouse itself or Renoise. Strangely enough, the bugs happen depending on which G502 button preset I am using in the Logitech software as well.

I am on an iMac Pro Catalina running the latest version of Renoise
I am using the “Logitech Gaming Software” to map out my Mouse buttons.

Any Thoughts?

Mebby try diabling ‘Mouse Warping’ in settings; im not sure what it does but it is on by default.

Awesome thanks! I will give that a shot