London renoise users


I recently moved to London and wondered if any renoise users were around and if you could raise your voice in this thread in order to let Dblue, Taktik and Danoise know we’re waiting for them.

Or, we could meet and have some fine ales together.

Close enough.

Close enough.

I could host you… if you don’t mind being awoken by my kid real early in the morning :slight_smile:

can do london

10/10, pretty good depiction, the style is punchy and vivid but remained realistic.

Hey, hey. I’m in London. What’s happening?

We’re talking meeting, drinking and talking renoise I think.

Yep - I’m based in London, but don’t get that much time to go out for drinks these days…

Don’t tell me… that’s why I’m checking the temperature in order to book some nights.

We’re talking meeting, drinking and talking renoise I think.

Sounds good, I’m in… where are you thinking?

Sounds good, I’m in… where are you thinking?

Good question. I’m new to London, ex parisian here, any ideas? :slight_smile:

Curious tags btw, I’m thinking all-male dating and clandestine manufacture of a batch of meth? It’s going to be a long weekend lol.

Grinds jaws

Not so curious for the ones who know a bit about me and my previous handle on the board… I should probably dust it off by the way, it’s been a long time I’m around. I’m french… you know, I know about them, baguettes and bakeries.

Good question. I’m new to London, ex parisian here, any ideas? :slight_smile:

Good question and I’m not sure, I don’t go out that much… There are plenty of pubs around, I guess pick one and hope for the best :slight_smile:

OK I may rally some dudes who know a bit more London than I and are actually tracker users.

The best would be around a big station like Waterloo I guess.

I’m still taking the temperature, I’m also spamming the link to the board on twitter.

It would be quite interesting to see how it could work if people start to bring their laptop and share samples, instruments and presets, ideas for new tools to code… and why not impromptu one hour compos. I may be a bit to too enthusiastic though, I know that some british will find this lack of decency a bit awkward :slight_smile:

By the way guys, my twitter is @kaneel

Well, if this meeting would be too male-dominated, we can always get some Beer Bitches

Not that I expect “girls” but still, I’d fancy a nice and cosy pub with good enough IPAs, if it’s not too much to asked.

With WIFI. And big desks, we may want to bring laptops.

London, Ontario?

Considering the amount of french people in London… I’d say London, France.

I’d also be interested in any London (UK) based Renoising, especially if there’s opportunity for some ‘content’ as well as socialising. I’d love for people to break down some tracks and explain some techniques. Of course that requires a bit more organising and a proper venue.

Let’s tone down on the male-oriented jokes and be a little more welcoming, otherwise a gender imbalance will be self-fulfilling!

I just want to make sure you guys understand I’m not nicknamed “Monsieur Baguette” because of some (bad) male-oriented joke… we talk real bakery here.

Anyway Mark, that’s definitely my point here. Have people come, chat, drink (tea or beer, I’m not judging anybody till you don’t judge me) and discuss (and show as well) some stuff related to Renoise.

1/ What we could do is start with a first meetup to break the ice, bring laptops in case of but no rush, it’s all about shaking hands and discussing music making.

2/ Then we can probably create a meetup page or anything to help us to keep a track of when and where the next meetings will happen.
3/ Decide a topic for the next meetup

4/ ???

5/ Profit.

Things we can do at a renoise meetup:

Swapping samples, scripts, instruments.

Showing some technics, pattern effects (oldschool obscure tracker society called) related or not.

Scripts! Maybe someday we could have a workshop about scripting (Looking at @danoise here, you have to come :slight_smile:

Listen to music… hey, aren’t we music maker after all?

Chat, about, I dunno… related or unrelated stuff (I promise I won’t talk about PERSONA 4 CHURCH OF THE SAVIOUR)

Looking at @danoise here, you have to come :slight_smile:

I’m looking back at you :ph34r:

My GF is regularly travelling to London due to studies. If it could somehow align with a meetup I would surely be able to make it.