Long mixes in renoise for my radio station

Hello, i would like to create exports of long mixes (5+ hours) with a nice plugin to improve sound quality. the memory i have is 96 GB and should be sufficent to support such features. why is there a limit on 2 hours and some minutes.

So far as I can tell, there is no such time limitaion, but there may be a maximum number of patterns.
So, using a slow BPM and low LPB below allows for over five hours with just a few patterns:


Are vsti’s working in this version ?

It should be a setting, it is using 2.5 GB of mem and 17% of cpu, why a limit ?

Trackers are not really designed to play long mixes. What you are trying to achieve? Do you have songs in WAV/AIFF that you want to load up to Renoise and play one after another? I have done one mix (proper mix with transitions between songs in correct tempo and key) but it was about an hour long - anything longer would be a pain to manage in my opinion.

loading an mp3, adding effect to the mix (for example live effect) and play it on my stereo, there should not be a hard limit of 2 hours and some minutes but at least 24 hours to mix per day if it is preferable…

But why you want to do it in Renoise? There are tons of different software more suitable for mixes

I have a license for renoise, not for other software, and this is a software limitation, perhaps a patent, with renoise i can create mp3 to wav, with audacity wav to mp3, with ableton bpm change etc.

Audacity is free

affirmative, but bad in tempo change and no expierence in vsti’s like warmverb to give it an outdoor expierence on my system

You might be better off with Waveform Free by Tracktion, seems to do everything you want and need all for the best price of free.

thanks for this software, i can play music on different bpm now

I’ve tested the software and tried 138 as exported file and imported it in audacity. the baseline is not the same so it makes a wrong definition of 138 bpm and isnt the same speed as the 138 bpm file. I know ableton live is doing the right thing / recorded it in the old days with a trial version.
I am also not capable of setting the audacity recording to audio in, but that’s a different forum