Long time no hear

There’s a party going on in the ISS.

Musically, for me at least, there’s a nice balance here between the familiar and the unfamiliar. Some interesting and unexpected chord progressions. Nice bassline in the middle part and a cool groove :slight_smile: Masterful arrangement. I’d say if there’s anything missing for me it’s sonic depth in some of the instruments. But the overall balance is good. Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks, chem! I’m pretty happy with those chord changes and the bass line and I’m glad you like them too. Thank you also for pointing out where improvement is needed. This is a Work-in-Progress, and perhaps a little underproduced in terms of sounds and mixing. I’ve done very little with the drums, and some of the pads and synths are straight-up presets that need more work. I’m thinking that when the melody is reintroduced in the last part of the track it needs a more unique and striking sound. I’ll probably layer up some synth patches and work a bit more on the sound design to make it more interesting.

I’ve also considered modulating the track up one half note at the 4.17 mark, though that might be taking it too far …

Nice track! I like the bassline and the general groove, and how you switch between the two open hi-hat sounds in there, very effectful!

I enjoyed it! :slight_smile:

This is just a bump to let you know that I have made a MKII version of this, which replaces the original file on Soundcloud. You may want to refresh to be able to hear the new version (if it no longer has “W-I-P” in the name you’re looking at the correct track). I think it has improved a lot.