Long Time No Renoise.

Hey Renoise forums.

You probably don’t know me cause I don’t come here very often.
I don’t listen to music that much anymore because I never know what I should listen.
I like music for a couple of minutes and then it starts to annoy me.

But sometimes when I’m in the right mood I still try to make some of my own music in Renoise.
I haven’t been making anything for over a year because well… don’t know anything about music.
I make everything with my laptop, and I like to use as many pattern effects as possible without having to use any vst.
If I need an extra effect I just use one of the build in effects in Renoise.

I have been experimenting with various settings in Renoise and started experimenting more with effects.

Not much to say, Just that I’m having trouble with the flow of my music, but I feel like my melody and rhythm is getting better.

Download Here: http://www.sendspace.com/file/qsf7s9
Or listen: http://soundcloud.com/fluiquid/be

Please tell me what you think, and what genre you think it belongs to.
I know my friends like stuff I make, but they also like stuff I made long ago when I just started (which sounds like complete crap to me).

Your description sounds like you’re depressed right now to me, but actually I like it!

I’ve been in a long depression, but I’m quitting my meds since my depression is fading away.
I think those meds never actually helped, maybe the helped in a placebo way (giving me hope), but since I’ve been taking half I have so much more energy.
And also I’ve been sleeping better.

But its good to hear you like it, can you tell me what you liked about it?

I listened it through the soundcloud and think that it’s nice, maybe a break or switchover to keep it going, although you really try to keep it fresh with adding new sounds.
the beats may be more present.

But before you take these points to seriously, I think your trouble lays more in your own mind.
You may ask for suggestions, but when I listen it, I have the feeling you don’t seem to know what you want to do with the track.
it lacks a certain self esteem. If that’s what your after, then try to find what drives you to make music, what makes it fun for you.
you clearly have some good ideas and musical skills, just don’t hold back from yourself.

I might be completely wrong though ;)

I like these sounds it’s made from. Maybe I can imagine it rather as a live set material then final composition, If you have any midi controller than it should be really cool to map tracks volumes and some effects parameters to different knobs or faders and play around with it. That way you can play with mood and put there more life than in one rendered stuff. But I have to admit I’ve never made such a complex stuff yet. And also when I’m only experimenting there is a lack of product. :confused: Great is you feel good or better now!!!

I think I understand what you mean on first rows, but then there is a chance to find out what to do as you might want to find and realize what you’re missing!
For me when I see/hear something good I’m fascinated that something so good exists and when I see something wrong I’m happy that there is a chance to fill that hole.

Yes some part of the trouble I have when making my tracks is that I’m too much of a perfectionist.
Once I have something that I like, I’m really afraid to mess it up.
That used to happen quite often, so I decided to stop making music cause I got too frustrated.
Until a few months ago, I decided to start making music for fun and just quit when it gets to frustrating, and deliberately doing everything as wrong as possible.
I’ve learned a lot from that actually (more than trying to make my music sound good).

Also I figured out I need to take frequent breaks, I can work 5 hours straight at a time for a day.
Also the next day I could do that, but the day after that I would have to force myself to do it cause it starts to feel like actual work.

I think do know what I want with the track, I’m just not good at a complex melody.

What drives me to make music?
To be honest I have no idea.
Sometimes I just have music in my head and ideas and I just need to make them.
Discovering new ways (to me) to make music (I think of a certain pattern of effects or beats I really want to test out and I just need to test it out).
Sometimes I’m just annoyed with the music I have and I want more, and really specific so I need to try and create it

Yes I do have a midi controller, but It’s collecting dust atm.
I tried working with it but like I said I’m a perfectionist, when I make effects for some reason those values need to be rounded (don’t ask me why, guess cause of programming work I’ve done).
Its not that I can’t use the midi controller to make cool effects and variation in the music, I have a hard time timing it. (don’t play any instruments).

Its good to hear you like it for the sounds, cause that was one of the things I spend a lot of time in.
I used Arguru Voyager for all the synths, and used velocity for cut off, and made a pattern so every note uses a different cut off.
(Its actually the only VST I have).

And thanks for the feedback!

I like it. The style of it, the sounds, the beat, it all appeals to me. Personally I’m a stickler for vocal samples (cut up, mangled, reversed, effected). I just think they tend to make tracks more interesting, even if they may be unrecognisable as sounds produced by human beings. Anyway: keep up the good work!

nice arrangement. like the way you build up the track! needs something at the end. (=

I think its a good song.
But… Work more in your “emotions”. I find strange that you dont listen to much music. I cant imagine my world without music, if Im happy, sad, I always need music.

I like it. Good idea and sounds. Mixdown sounds like it could do with a bit of work with levels and EQ but overall enjoyed the song. Good work mate.

Basically I liked the track but the mix sounds wrong to me.

Thanks for all the feedback,

I’ve been trying to make a better mix, but I don’t want to completely change my other track so I started a new one.
Its pretty simple, I made it today.
I tried to put more emotions in it and make better use of EQ, every time I listen to it I get new Ideas so thats a good thing. (with emotion I mean what sounds make me feel good)
Its completely different from that other thing I made: http://www.sendspace.com/file/dbyuq2
I won’t upload it to soundcloud cause its just a test, I might make a full track out of it.

Edit: sorry I know it is disappointing to listen to an unfinished track, I just want to know if its mixed better than the other tune.

I changed some stuff, I used an equalizer for the synths.
It’s a really simple beat, but I’ve been experimenting with melody, so I hope its mixed correctly and you like the melody.
If not, I’d like some renoise magic tricks to make it better.

Start with this, nice article: Avoid clipping in your final mix

Thanks, sorry for my late reply.
I took a break from Renoise, tried some of it today.

I rendered it without clipping and compressed it in wavosaur.