Long time no see- Still love ya'll but had to quit PC for ~3 years


Did you see it?

:lol: :ph34r: :walkman: :ph34r::lol:

Yeah , but since your post was kinda depressive ,I didn’t know what to comment … …which made me feel even more depressed .

Good luck with the hands

Oh, I meant; did you see this?

Release notes:

  • Music: This is originally a ~5kB executable file which plays itself when run on a Windows PC (or Linux with Wine).
  • The executable (Scene.org Download) requires at least 500mB of RAM, and a good 5-6 mins to pre-calculate on most machines: (it will wait a long time until the playing counter shows up).
  • If you do not want or cannot run the executable, there is a render on Soundcloud here
  • Alternatively there is a music video (art story) accompanying this release on the NASA Juno Website (YouTube) Featuring NASA Juno: JunoCam compositions created on iOS using source photography from the probe currently in orbit around Jupiter.
  • Bonus Video of track playing in DAW
  • I really hope you enjoy! It was done as a technical challenge, hand made synthesized instruments and the visuals are to tell a story about how I ended up married to /the one/, who has put up with my geekery for this long, but that is pretty far out from the real truth- its a small celebration of our 20 years together. You’ll see =)