Long - Video



hey Mark,
Long is the track that allows me to understand a bit better the music in you.
The visuals, persistant rays of colored lights in the darkness, are so … attractive.
You’ve got the ability to create very immersive soundscapes, those kind of ambiences that produce a deep introspective activity.
It was allready obvious in your previous Smargaid Maerd album.
But here the inspiring, and progressive iterations with delayed lead guitars, increase this mental state even more.
And in this third project, Long takes a particular place, probably because it’s different, because of the vocals and the lyrics.
I think that I like it, because something evolves from melancholic pads and a bit sad keyboard lines,
then on the top of it, comes a very cool jumpy cyclic synth sequence, then, after a whisper, something
that let me speachless (and its a rare thing) I mean, what happens between 8:54 and 11:00,
a true climax where the potential of the initial music is completely transcended, revealed,
the positive mutation of the musical energy here is a great moment, with lots of underlying meanings,
feelings, very simple but powerfull, I got visions of the necessity of bravery and hope in the program code of life, things like that.
I’ve read something you wrote about the reasons why you make and share your music.
From my point of view, Music is a vibration of laws of the universe that directly comes into our brains
and pass through the limited prism of human perception what probably increase the “global consciousness”
inside the ego of beings.

Wow, I love the depth of your reaction Kurtz! I’m almost a little speechless! That’s as an engaged reaction as any artistic could ever hope for. It’s interesting because this song has been around for ages now in the public view, but it has got strong reaction out of people now because of those visual cues. I often neglect the idea of visuals because I’m not a very visually-minded person. But these dark photos really do evoke the dark emotional space the music hints at. I wish to one day work with a talented video director/maker who can put their talent to the task of evoking out the emotion in some of my other songs.

A friend of mine has already done this for another dream diagram:

Thanks for your response Kurtz. I enjoyed reading it. :)

I think that there is a strange connexion between sounds and “visions”, in the brain. For example, when I play a music, especially when it’s instrumental, I’ve got sometimes small sequences of “movie scenes” in front of my eyes. A kind of hallucination, with opened eyes. It’s very fast, it’s fragmented, and un-precise. It’s hard to say what it is, because the music “moves”, and this movement itself creates “moving visions” that are difficult to catch exactly. Same thing with underlying emotions, that move all the same. In the videoclip made by one of your friends, you can see this process in realtime. We see that the rythm of the video timeline and video effects sometimes follows the very fast and delicate modulation of the gater you’ve put on your lead guitar. In this cool video, you’ve got lots of small recent and old material, fragments of memories, scenes, that are just compiled together and glued with pretty kaleidoscopic effects. I remember of a gig from the pink floyd band that used a famous projector that displays psychedelical colors, images, and things in the background while gilmour performs his guitar solo. This visual experience increases the initial experience (that is allready awesome) and it’s finally one of the best shows I’ve seen.

Since there is a blatant connexion between sound and music, we could say that some “visions” and “colors” could be considered like “additionnal notes and tones” for a musical composition. (Because Music was there even before the light, it’s not just sounds. It’s a structuration of matter in time and space, that happens even before the light. There are dancers that make music with their bodies, the way they structure time and space with their bodies, the way some physical poses create emotions, is also “musical”. You can use lots of things to make “Music”, of course Sound is the royal path, but with visuals, you can give birth to a more complete aesthetic experience ). In your situation it could be a bless to meet a local director, for a film music. For example, playing your “Subconscious” track, after a very fast and shocking action that caused dramatic consequences, with a large, speachless, and panoramic view on actors lost in great spaces (whatever they are, natural lands, or huge cities created by humans), it would probably make it very well.

Here in France the MMD letters have a signification, I don’t know if you know it but it means “Multi Dimentionnal Music”, and it’s… related to meditation, introspection, and based on brainwaves, molecular destruction and restructuration of body cells with sounds and harmonic choices ; it’s however a bit too “new age” for me, but this is a true thing, with seminars, scientists, studies… Personnaly I don’t like to see music like a therapy, or something “usefull” even if it could be used to improve global health. Music has to be something higher than something that looks “usefull”. Well I want to say that I feel that your project could become “multi-dimentionnal” in the future, an experience that reaches new visual horizons and unexpected collaborations.

Well… multi-dimensional or not, I’m just working as hard as I can at getting these new songs finished. The to-do list is long, so I don’t want to let my mind race ahead of that. Whatever happens later with video/new-media projects is secondary, and hence why I like offering it to other people to do whatever they want with it (visually speaking).

But I do know what you’re speaking about with the whole show-aesthetic; after all I did grow up loving bands like Pink Floyd ;)