Long Wavs Now Lag

Well ok, I made a couple rock songs with renoise, all with wave files…some are long like the drum track, or some guitar tracks like lets say the solo’s.

I timmed everything right when I did all my songs, but ever since I formated, all wave files lag after a while, and obviously, it sounds horrible like if I couldn’t keep up with the beat. Simply, every files do that.
Why was it ok when I did the songs, and now all of em lag. Same pc, same version, same file, same ghost, same drivers, same everything.

Now I feel like shooting a bullet trough my head cos I spended too much time to make a full album (13 songs,very good btw ) to restart all over, and even then, I guess I would get the same bug after I would need to format. I have every songs in wav and mp3, but now I can’t remix them at all, and I use renoise especially cos it’s easy to modify songs.

I don’t know if I’m the only person which this happened ( I searched the forum )…but if anybody has an idea, I would be infinitly gratfull…thx

Edit. Ah yeah I tried the midi clock on and off…

Edit.2 Uh, strangely enough, I got one song that the drum doesn’t lag for 6 minutes, but the wav file is in stereo…would that make sense?

Edit.3 Even If I change a mono drum track to stereo in another song, it still loses speed after a while…I wonder what make one particular wave not lag, and the rest lag

Edit.4 ( lol ) Seems that if I find tune everything + 2, it makes one song fit again, but I’m not sure I want it like that you know hehe, is there a reason for this…maybe a sound card setting, I ain’t no pro when it comes to bugs!

I used version 1.5.1 mostly when I did the *.rns’s

And adding +2 in fine tunning fixed one song, but not another one, that I can’t really any difference between em…only one thing may be different from when I made the songs, are some vst’s that worked in renoise, but I didn’t une any vst that doesn’t work perfectly anymore.

Yeah exactly, makes the same with version 1.8

I can’t believe I will have to start 400 hours of work all over in something else than renoise…
Someone somewhere must of had this problem…maybe not, I’m am particulary unlucky in every aspect of existance…especially pc’s

Renoise 1.8 has fixed a BPM issue. Version prior to 1.8 quantized the BPM so that for example 127 BPM was not 127 but 127.358. But if you can solve this by finetuning the samples, what’s the problem then?
So its actually our fault, but we can not go back to the unprecise BPMs again.

Yeah even with the same renoise version it does the same…and, fine tunning doesn’t seem to really fix the problem, well it worked with one song…I really have to idea why only that song…maybe my sound card is too old SB live!

I’m still trying to test some settings and all…thx for the help till now :)

Lol, I’m trying to fix some songs with fine tunning, and it still sounds like a bad band that just can’t keep the rythym…it’s almost funny to hear…not funny to live with for now -_-

Omg, you just made me think, I made the songs with sb live!, which I heard was made to use 48k but emulates 44k…and I made the songs in 48k! I didn’t check but I will right now, I think that could of been the problem :)

Wow, I’m totally blind, it was the first thing you said…I don’t know how I missed it!

Yeah it’s ok now :)

Thanks a million…sorry for being so blind…thanks ^^

put a track on the song forum :guitar:

This is why we need an arranger timeline with a nudge feature for these big samples. Its such a struggle to work with large wav files (vocals are a pain)… PLEASE team give us some playback timeline similar to energyxt within renoise,

Cool, I’ll check where I can drop a song here hehe…and yeah I agree if renoise WITH a system like sonar and similar softwares, then I would’nt see the use of using something else than renoise for editing :)