Long, Winding Roads


It’s been a while since I touched Renoise… quite busy at work. This is the first tune I made on Linux (Fedora 16), so I gave up on VSTs and created all samples either by drawing and running through DSPs or using ReSynth2. I must say I quite like this workflow now.

I think regardless of how you made your sounds, I really enjoy your note choices here: beautiful layering of threads, and subtly powerful musical groove.

The master compression, or some sort of compression you’ve used when the song gets thick gets a little messy for my ears. But I can listen past that and I still enjoy the music.

Thanks for the positive comments. I’m still a noob, so I guess I’ve abused the maximizer. :) That and I was feeling a little lazy, so I didn’t ride the levels properly in the thick sections. I’ll work on it. :)

i like the melody that comes in at 1:24, it has a nice 8-bit/chiptune-ish sound.

i gave up on VSTs too, for me it’s just not worth the hassle but i miss the experimenting and the “randomness” of VSTs when you start to fiddle with the knobs. :)

I love it. I love all the layering and textures. Excellent work!