Longer Samples And Sample Properties In Vst Grabber


I’d like to suggest one change and one addition to the vst grabber.

Right now the maximum duration is 10 seconds. I’ve recently come across an instrument (a pad) that would have needed 30 seconds for its cycle to complete in order to properly loop it. I ended up sampling it by hand. Is this an easy adjustment?

The second thing I’d like, also especially for pads are additional options that determine the sample properties for the generated samples. I hate grabbing 16 samples and then manually setting NNA for all from Cut to Continue or Note Off. Can a dropdown at least for that property be added?

Kind regards
– Peter

Not what you’re looking for, but there is a script out that lets you batch-set sample properties in an instrument at the click of a button:


thanks. that will be a decent workaround for now