Longtrack-project Part Ii

Nice :)

I like this idea, Bantai. Yeah this could prevent us also some more from a “brainless” mix. I´m also going to add some kind of seperated rules for it :)
I also think to accelerate all this you all have just to cry then:


and the first who shouted is finally allowed to add the next piece :)

Simple but should work ;)

So people!

SHOUT NOW (not in the pc, into the forum or into the mailinglist if you already suscribed)

P.T misses one of his loved ones :lol:

  • iLL79

so if you think you are called iLL79 then you could be really that person I´m ever waited for. So I you wanna reach me just visit http://www.nacked-x…… ermmmmmm … awwww… :rolleyes:

I mean leave me a mail at longtrackptrance.de including name, nick, age, country, pc, music-gear, mail-adress, attachment-size. Don´t forget it pal. :D

Yes I know, I sound stupid today. :blink:


just kidding…

I’m available after this weekend… say, monday and tuesday :)

How about that?

So if noone has taken the next turn, i’ll continue then…

Or if someone has already made a turn then, i’ll continue then…

sound good? :P

Project-Page updated!



So if anyone won´t say that he want´s to do the next part until then I think you can do it of course. :)



I just sent out a mail to longtrack(etc), dunno if it moves on, but anyhoo… :) I’m shouting MEEE after/before Dufey, this week’s packed. Dun matter when next week, as long as it’s monday or after. Whatever… hehe…

Tho I might say, I might just start remixing previous stuff, is that 'kay?

Xerxes wanted to continue too… Did you check your mailbox??

Someone uses the forum, someone else the mailing list… Let’s use only one of them… This can create confusion about the turns… :) :)

lets use this forum to exchange messages then, since we all know how to operate this

PS: Great to see people wanting to track as soon as posisble :) better than having to make a list or draw straws.
EVen though there’s a lot of pressure involved :rolleyes: nervous i’ll do my best though people, oyu can be sure of that!

Yip this is getting really confusing.

erm… I would say that we better use the mailinglist for communication about the turns because all people have now suscribed (except iLL79).
There should be now 13 of 14 artists. Right… It-Alien??? Or did I mess up something atm… ?

Sooooo, to get us (and especially myself) at least a bit more unconfused: :blink:

If all agree I just list a just for the overview order now:

I let it overlap a bit.

next is: Xerxes - let´s say from Thursday - Saturday/Sunday maybe?
then: Dufey - from Monday - til Tuesday/Wednesday
and Sagosen: goes after it for 2 - 4 days (if this is possible for you?)

Great idea eh?? I just killed Participation-rule No.2 …grmph…


Now it definative!
I´m going offline from this Thursday til sunday / next monday.
So if somebody wants something from me, he have to wait =)
Just wanted to let you know ;)

haha norwegian hat-trick, how about that :lol:

we currently have 13 subscribers to the mailing-list…
so why should we flood the forum?

just send a message to the ML’s address and the other 12 subscribers will receive a copy of it… that’s all.