Longtrack-project Part Ii

Since some of the participants were a bit quiet the last days / posts, this thread is to re-vitale your interests (thanx to Bantai for the advice).

First: the rules will be corrected and updated these days on the page so you can inform yourself.
So we are now nearly set except the question how big the sample-pack should become.

Second: To end this endless discussion about the samples, Bantai and me are thinking it would be better to let peoples add their samples to the pack and see how big it will become.

The work on the upload/download server by Giles Constant is still in progress but in the meantime you can collect your samples for the package. (Remember!: balanced and not to soooo much because there are another 12 artists who are about to add their stuff!)

You will get the information where to put up when the work of the server is finished!

Next to say:

I need the details of following peoples:

  • Mekkah
  • Xerxes
  • Giles Constant
  • bibby
  • iLL79
  • Sagosen
  • Phonkey

please mail it to “longtrackptrance.de” or “ltptrance.de

the infos should include your name, nickname, age, country, gear, connectivity, maximum mail-attachment!

Again, there´s no need to be disappointed or something. We´re nearly set for the main work.

Project-Homepage is updated! The Rules have been corrected and updated (except some little things which are still unclear) also the URL has now changed.

The new URL is now: http://www.ptrance.de/rns-project

Another good news: :)

Snowy (Giles Constant) will trying to finally finish his work on the up/download server tonight so we can get started in a near time. (umm… I hope so ;) ) I guess he is going to annouce it we he finished his work.

So to accelerate all the stuff PLEASE send me your artist details! I still need them from:

  • Xerxes
  • bibby
  • iLL79
  • Sagosen
  • Phonkey

Name; Nickname; Age; Country; Musicgear (this is your computer and maybe additional music-hardware); connectivity, eMail-Adress and max mailattachment

oh well… weekend is incoming and, though I will have my Halloween party, a basketball match to take part to, and another one to look at, I would be glad (honoured, I should say!) to give a start to this.

So BEEEEEEEP, first turn booked :)

So it seem that we’ll have a psychedelic beginning… Sounds wonderful to my ears!!

I think I won’t add instruments… I’m not at home in this period and can’t take my sample cds… Is this a problem??-----------

eeepp… awww all discussions for nothing !? :o

ok , agree :) no samplepack but the other rulez are still counting? (like documentation, bla?)

If you don´t want to add samples then “no”. But if you want to add samples then “yes”. :) In case you want to add samplestuff I would suggest you´re taking your part perhaps a bit later?

just to let you hear some seconds of the tune, that’s what I have in mind for a beginning: a short OGG.

Don’t care about the drums: they are just there for the sake of it.

by the way…

[b]Personal details! I guess this sounds a bit harsh now but I have to say it:

I will NOW set a kind of DEADLINE (Except for bibby, he told me he is able to come back to us within start of november):

When every already registered person has contributed his part then we´re reaching the deadline. Simple! So if you´re

  • Xerxes
  • iLL79
  • Phonkey

then give me your details or you will lose.

Easy to do! mail to longtrackptrance.de and give your name, nickname, age, country, gear.

DO THIS NOW!!! [/b]

I have no preferences about my turn, so feel free to insert me wherever you want… :)

Ive got no preferences either so stick me wherever… :o
but… how’s progress-reporting done? via mailing-list?
wouldn’t a “turn-list” and updates on -Who’s turn it is- at be good?
maybe this has been discussed…


Haha, alien, great stuff!

This is exactly how it should be… easy, careful, slow start, then it slowly progresses to become one hell of a prodigy-like tune (dreaming) with ups and down like the craziest musical rollercoaster EVER!!! MUAHAHHAAHHAAH!!!



I can’t wait to get started on my part. :D

I think we could use an extra contestant, seeing as 3 of us still hasnt registered



Working FTP is up. For more info check your mails participants.

While It-Alien is composing the intro/first part we should now set up the turns-order. So if you have any idea how we could organise this then give it the shot! (Yes, I slap myself, we didn´t discussed yet how we do it :))

I was thinking about something like an artists-voting but this would take a bit to long I think so we have to get an another solutiuon I think.

Yes guess you´re right but let´s better wait til the deadline is reached (hope you all agree with this solution by tthe way)

@Man at Arms

if you want you can send me your details but I won´t put you in til the deadline is reached, but if the others people are not resposible then you can get in :)

name, nickname, mail, age, country, pc, music-gear

@ longtrackptrance.de

I would say this solution should count also for other poeple who want to join. Do you all agree??

MISSING PEOPLE!!! Your details remember??

  • Xerxes
  • iLL79
  • Phonkey

I don´t want do write it again what you should include. longtrackptrance.de

Hm, I don’t really care where I jump in, I might be second if you want me to be. Howzat? Any day is a good/bad day for tracking as I’m working all week anyways. :)

Glad to see you finally registered Sagosen :D That makes this project containing 2 norwegians then hehe


We have to check the time availability of each composer… (It-Alien used the week end because it’s job-free, I think… :)).
Someone of us has job, someone else is a student (I guess). So next composers should be people who can work on the song during the week without problems and want to add samples…

I told you, place me wherever you want, but remember I haven’t samples to add…

Okay, I´m thinking about this for the further turns-organisation:

just tell us what would be your favorite time to compose. Let´s say weekend or workingweek and somebody of us sets up a list then (maybe me or so)
People should do this fast as possible so we can move on!

Everyone agree??? So give your asses a blast and tell :)

Nope… now there are 3 norwegians. Xerxes “finally” made it to register his self :P

Still missing people:

Phonkey (hey I thought you already tried to register?? Why don´t try agian at a working adress ?! :) )


Did you listen to It-Alien’s intro??

It Alien: why did you put send devices into the send tracks?? Don’t know this trick… What’s for??

well… I thought this was self-explicative: I simply route the signal of a send track to another.

For example, let’s say that on a track a I need a delay, and on another delay AND reverb.

So I put delay on sendtrack1 and reverb+senddevice on sendtrack2.

The track which needs delay is routed to sendtrack1, while the track which needs delay+reverb is routed to sendtrack2, which applies the reverb and then routes the signal to sendtrack1, applying the delay.

Maybe these discussion are more on-topic into the longtrack project mailinglist :)