Longtrack .rns File

Greetings, Fellow Renoisers!

Well, as you may or may not know, I’ve been gone for quite a while…
And i’ve forgotten just where to get the latest renoise song file for the Longtrack project.

Since I’ve got the whole day off (hooray for part time jobs) I thought I’d get cracking on my part right away :)

Anyone know of where to get the file?


Don’t know of the song… just wanted to say welcome back :)

Thanks alot, Johan! :)

dufey, are you still subscribe to LongTrack mailing list?

If so, you will find the FTP address where to download the song in every ptrance’s mail signature.

Just look for the directory which name starts with the highest number.

If you’re not subscribed anymore, please contact me at it-alien@thenameofthisbeautifulpieceofsoftware.com

Welcome back…

Remember to use version 1.281, because 1.5 doesn’t play It-Alien’s part correctly…

Hey! Welcome back, man. Expecting some Rosa/Thomas-like releases soon :D.

Hey again…

Hey, could someone please send me the FTP adress to download the latest version of longrack.rns?

Kinda eager to get cracking at my part B)

Thanks in Advance!


Email adress


Or just send me a message on renoise :P

You are not anymore your paraplymanhotmail.com address? Then It-Alien may add your new address to the mailing list :)