Look Here For Inpiration

Well, I’m kinda stuck on the music, and need inspiration, so I thought I’d start a thread where we can all throw in some inspirational stuff.
Small animated movie sequences, pictures, poems, whatever that can trigger an idea.

So I’ll start with some pics:

Use a green renoise-theme. I once read that green is actually a color inspiring your creativity (red is making you agressive, blue calms you down) so whenever possible I used green themes in my music-software. No idea if that helped, though. :)



mint helps you think. HARD FACT

Anyway, take a stroll through here:

Wow, that’s cool info…!

I once changed my FT2 skin to red and couldn’t write anything at all, as if creativity imploded…
When I “junglised” it, it worked so well it was scary… NOW I know why, very weird how much
influence the software’s appearance can have on the user…

Whenever I look for inpsiration, I read a book. I suggest these titles:

  • Crime and Punishment (Dostoyevski)
  • The Comedy (Dante)
  • The Praise of Folly (Erasmus)

well, this color-psychology thing is pretty much a fact and if you stare for hours at your software making music I am pretty sure the color has some effect atleast to some degree. I remember that I used blue the first weeks with renoise because I simply didn’t remember/care to change it, and somehow I got tired very fast when I worked on my music, getting the urge to sleep …

Also, when I did graphics-work at an agency I could not really put anything together in their offices, I made the best work at home. Later I realized that they had Macs and all the software was so colourful and “designed” that somehow I couldn’t concentrate on doing my own thing. At home the grey windows simply did not “distract” me or something, the only colourful/designed stuff on the screen was whatever I did at the moment.

I’m more of a Hertog Jan kinda guy myself… but great choice nonetheless! ;)

do you think this has anything to do with one’s eye color?

no idea. but if you want to read abit :


mentions nothing about green and creativity, though. strange.

that’s pretty interesting. the reason i asked was because i am synesthetic (usually see color when hear sound, associate color with sounds). i’m always curious to see how images affect the way somebody creates or perceives music, or vice versa.

well, thats not too unusual I think, I am also sometimes referring to black/blue/brown basses, white or yellow pads and so on. describing a sounds using color-names makes alot of sense sometimes.

Yes, that DOES make sense… never really thought about it, usually I refer to sounds as bright, dark, hollow, spacious, deep, shallow, dirty, sexy…

that’s really awesome. i wasn’t sure how common it is overall because whenever i talk to people about it where i’m from, they think it’s some crazy phenomenon that they think is really rare. but yeah, i’m glad other people think in color like that.

i like to think that most of my sounds are sexy too.

P.S. i really dig “virgils impending techno swing”

attributes like “cold” or “warm” work too, ofcourse, and I am not only using color-names, but it helps at times. :D

lol! the Haunted Ebay painting

green is my fave colour, so i usually have some splash of green in my renoise. but i try to vary it every couple of months to give me a fresh approach. currently, i am using Dr Drips’ “Sin City” , which although it has a hint of red, reminds me more of reddish-pink play-doh of my youth, and has a relaxing feel for me, not aggressive. :)

that is one of the few things i miss about fruity loops studio – you could assign different colors to each track in the sequencer :)

anyway, i feel this thread is in need of some more inspirational material. so i will post a few of my recent urban exploration pictures …

my city is in the process of tearing down and rebuilding a hydroelectric dam that is a historical landmark. there was a petition to prevent this, but it ultimately failed. next to the dam, is a pumping station that has also been very intriguing to me.

in this picture, we see an overview of the whole complex. the large white building is the pumping station. in the upper right, you can see the old burned out building, which is what used to be part of the hydroelectric dam before a fire about 10 years ago.

now i have several before and after pictures taken from roughly the same vantage point. the before were taken last november (before the deconstruction) and the after were taken a few weeks ago

backside before

backside after

view from dam before

view from dam after. look how much lower i’m standing. it’s truly gutted

very nice shot of the old burned out building, with vines growing up the side. i love this picture!

these are the turbines that used to generate the electricity

ok so here’s where the story gets a little interesting :) the pumping station isn’t actually part of the facility that is supposed to be destroyed. however, i’ve always been very curious about it and wanted to see the inside. i discovered about a month ago that there are actually active security cameras on that building, plus two levels of barbwire fence (as you can see from the top picture)… however, after doing some recon and planning, i decided it was worth the risk , especially because of this lovely security hole at the inner fence…

post split up, because it didn’t like me posting too many pictures …

this picture is taken from the window of the door at the top of the right set of stairs you see on the top pic. i previously thought this was an unmanned facility, but now i know there is a desk, and even a breakroom with a refrigerator.

and this one at the left door

whyd there have to be window shades? :(

so anyway, as i was leaving … i looked back toward the main perimeter fence, and there was a f****ing security guard parked at the main entrance with the gate open! at first i thought i was caught, so i might as well go talk to them to try to social engineer myself out of the situation… however, as luck would have it, the guard’s back was turned to me and she(?) was walking away! so i booked it, walked but not ran, back to the backside of the facility where i had come in. i had to take the long way around through the trees. when i got back up to the front, fortune was on my side as the guard had actually driven inside of the facility… i don’t know if someone watching the security cam had called her out there because of me, or if it was a routine job related trip. but anyway, i booked it as fast as i could a mile uphill in the 100 degree heat, just to get back to my car before the security guard drove out and found me. somehow, i made it back in time fortunately and never got caught. it was amazing!!!

and of course, i like to play the game S.T.A.L.K.E.R. as an urban exploration simulator and take lots of screenshots…

currently, i’m walking through pripyat without killing anyone and just taking pictures :)

and if you haven’t read Kidd of Speed… even though it’s a hoax (sort of), it’s an amazing story and set of pictures about the Chernobyl disaster area – url - Kidd of Speed

I had such a hangover on saturday I couldn’t do anything except installing stalker again and playing it all day. And you are right, the whole world they present there is really, really amazing. And even though my CPU+Graphicscard is old shit and I had to play it with “Static Lightning” and Medium details. It just sucks you right in. I got horribly frightened a few times too. De-Installed it on Sunday though, I don’t want to spend my precious time playing. :)

i play with partial dynamic lighting or whatever that setting is. the atmosphere in the game is incredible! not only the bleakness of the overworld, but when you go into the underground labs … they are scarier than FEAR or Silent Hill.

i don’t consider it a waste of time at all to play games though… it keeps me sane