Looking For A Good Screen Video Recorder ..

hello … im looking for a software that records the gameplay of the computer, with sound … (in my case - a trackerplay)
any suggestions?


FRAPS is the only one I can think of.
Hope it is what you need.



I’ve always had good luck with camstudio.


vlc does it too…

tnx for the help , ill give them a check :rolleyes:

Anything that also supports ASIO devices? This seems quite a weakness of these software packages…

vlc didnt work (in capturing audio), but i could have the audio input setup wrong…captured video correct tho…

yes , with ASIO devices, camstudio is recording without sound

I tried this, but when recording within Renoise (having the Aero Desktop option enabled in Fraps), it only records the video for one second; the sound without problems.
What settings do you use?

This does not work at all for me unfortunately. I tried lots of settings, and only some few settings work, and then the recorded avi is not compatible to edit it via Movie Maker.

Any other recommendations?

Have you tried running Renoise Fullscreen with Fraps?
Camstudion usually doesn’t work if you run Renoise with Asio, if you use such recorder, switch to DirectSound, but i guess you know this as you can record audio fine with Fraps so i assume you start Renoise in DirectSound mode.

Thank you, I tried Full Screen mode and then found out that Fraps did not fail recording, but VLC does not want to play back the recorded files corretly; I tried another player, WMP and also Movie Maker do, so I can work with it. :)
Yes I switched to DirectSound, and it works.
With Camstudio I have a lot of troubles, either the tool complains about wrong encoder, other error audio messages, or the recorded avi is not compatible with Windows Movie Maker. I am using and testing Fraps now.

I use hypercam on windows, not sure how good it is compared to what else is being discussed but it does the job and compresses in real-time to relatively small files which can’t be said about snapzPro on the mac. I loathe the wait time after capturing something from snapz.

As far as capturing ASIO I guess I have always preferred capturing the audio out of a separate stream, say from the (hardware) mixer… more i/o to capture better quality video, and theoretically less chance for capture hick-ups, but it adds a few more steps into the process.

on linux - jackaudio + obs
on mac - quicktime + rogueameba loopback
on windows for audio there is voicemeeter (i think it works with asio very well) as i remember, you can pair it with some video recording, after recording you should put together

oh, now i see that this is very old post :D:D:D