looking for a helping hand re-editing old songs

i’ve a lot of songs of my major band/project “das Buch & das Bild”

i’m looking for a new member that could help in re-edit / re-arranging old songs for upcoming live performances, or help on new songs, making new songs with us! …

the songs are written on MED soundstudio and converted to XM (more infos later if anybody shows interest)

only people from germany please coz it’s music in german and i imagine a friendly nice conversation etc. via phone or personal meetings - with the whole band too, a lot of good beer and vine etc. ;) and music performances …

the conditions: you are prof. Renoise user, you are using kontakt, atmosphere and other VSTi’s (no samples-only users), you know a little bit MED and basic midi related things, you like my/our music (www.dasbuchunddasbild.de) and you are a loyal guy (or girl)

feel free to contact me … or answer in this topic

If I was from germany this would have been a pretty interesting opportunity ;)
I think your songs got lot of potential and your voice is very nice ! ;) Your music reminds me abit about Das Ich… :)
good luck with your search for a new member! :)

thanx twilek,

:unsure: … the way to you is so far … and my english really poor :( … and for some really old song re-editing i imagine that i must lend my old synth MU80 …

but maybe later you are interessted in remixing something … for the upcoming cd in the end of this year or later ?! ;)

cheers and best wishes to you!

I agree with twilek!! those tunes are really good! and your voice too, I wish I could use my voice like that… I used to be able to sing once… or so I tell myself. :rolleyes:

Good job!

Making remixes is always fun :) If you want remixes, do not hesitate to contact me :D