Looking for a low profile mechanical keyboard on a budget

There’s a set of options for such keyboards and after doing my own research I’ve came down with 3 of them that look suitable for me.
1.The Reddragon K589 Shrapnel rgb edition
2.the Havit hv-kb395l and
3.The havit hv-kb492l, which I’m not sure if it’s that low profile as the others 2 but it’s more accessible for me to buy.
Which one you’d think could be the the best buy out of these 3 and if someone owns the kb492l, I’d like to know how it feels like.
Any new recommendations are welcomed as well

I have a Aukey G6 which is a budget keyboard that looks very similar to the ones you mentioned. I’m not a gamer, i bought it just for renoise so i was happy to go cheap. it’s fine, nothing spectacular. keys are quite chunky and clicky which i like. easy to clean. I don’t think i paid more than £30 for it.

I have the Vortex Ultra-slim Pok3r linked here:

It’s what I was looking for as far as low profile linear switch 60%, but in retrospect, I would really prefer a 65-66% with dedicated arrow keys for Renoise specifically. I also have a tada68 with MX Blues, but the click is too loud for audio work. Considering a Leopold fc660 but it’s not exactly budget-friendly.

check this one out . i have one of this.been serving well for the past two years.

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Sorry, I’m late to the party…
I have the Havit hv-kb395l and it’s so far my favourite keyboard.
It’s also the keyboard that lets me type the fastest.
If you still need some infos let me know.