Looking For A Music Box

I have to make a track intro so that it sounds exactly like a music box.

I’m not sure if the best approach is with samples or with a vsti (I havnt found any decent presets in those I have). I dont just want a chime type sound, I want that little click sound on each note so it sounds 100% real …

Samples all the way.
You can find some nice ones here.

thanks! :)

Do what they used to do in the old days…

Get a mic and record what you want.

how about using the best vst you’ve found so far.
(not that i used anything but steinberg neon), and adding
additional samples layerd under the keys in intrument editor.
add some effects to them and voila!
plinky plonky stuff coming as you play.

musicbox turbo (mp3)

i might not have used the correct samples, but i gotta have that cowbell! :w00t: