Looking for a new Audio Interface for Linux. Any tips?

Hi to all Linux Renoisers,

I’m in search for a new audio interface and I wonder what you are using and how your experiences are.
It should be an USB interface with (if possbile) two inputs on the back and fully compatible with Linux.

The Audient ID4 looks fine, but it doesn’t have the two inputs at the back. Audient ID14 is not compatible as the mixer software does not run in Linux.

Other options:

Behringer U-Phoria (no inputs at the back, not the best quality?) - fully compatible

SSL or SSL+ (https://www.amazona.de/test-solid-state-logic-ssl-2-usb-audiointerface/) - does it run in Linux?

M-Audio Air series (https://www.amazona.de/test-m-audio-air-192-14-8-6-4-air-hub-usb-audiointerfaces/)

Roland Rubix (these work out of the box)

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any interface that is compatible for ipad should work okay on linux. such interfaces should be usb audio class compliant.

i’ve got a ur44 and the only problem is when switching to a new sampling frequency there is 8 seconds of silence. that can be worked around. the software it came with doesn’t work

if I were buying today I’d get the https://www.native-instruments.com/en/products/komplete/audio-interfaces/komplete-audio-6/ because it has twin main outs which is super handy. iirc the mark 1 had drivers in the kernel. not sure if mark 2 does too

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Focusrite Scarlet 2I2 its a good choice, I have the second generation and work like a charm out of the box on Linux.



Currently I’m plugged in to a Behringer UMC404 (Uphoria), it’s the 4 in/4 out jobbie, and I gotta say it sounds great, well-built, clean as anything and has been solid reliable since I’ve bought it for something portable in 2018. I’m not plugged into my usual studio interface (away cuz of lockdown). Don’t be put off by the list price and assume that it’s tat, because it’s not.

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Thanks for the answers. The old Focusrite works, but the 3rd generations does not. The Mackie Bigknob with inbuilt interface would also be an option. I have the passive version and it’s very well built, except the volume knob starts crackling after some time. I guess the active version will have the same issue.

i don’t know if mine is compatible with linux but its the new MOTU range of audio interfaces the M4 or the M2 for that matter

i chose this one over the alternatives for the simple reason that it has loopback which is a needed feature at least to me

i’m going to link you to an excellent review and you can dig more

edit this one is a 32bit audio interface

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Nope these are not compatible. Would be my first choice.

I can tell you, the Behringer Uphoria sucks… I have one and had major latency problems(Not in Linux, just in general) and I just bought the Komplete Audio 1 from Native Instruments and it works great with no noticeable latency with my guitar.

I haven’t tried it with Linux yet though, I’ll let you know if I do get it going but it’s not a priority for me right now

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I’ll order a Rubix 22

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Can’t go wrong with Roland :]

Huh Interesting. Never been an issue for me. I’m not tracking any live instrumentation so not chasing 1/2ms latency, but, even then it’s solid.

Got an old Roland FireWire interface which is been solid for years, so yeah agree testament to quality :slightly_smiling_face:

New KORG MX-1608 (Greg Mackie and Trident)is working fine as 2ch Audio Interface with Linux(Ubuntu) .