Looking For A Nice, Big Renoise Logo

I like making wallpapers for use on my notebook, and I’d like to have a nice, big fat Renoise one. Problem is, I don’t have a logo that’s any bigger than the one on the top right. Does anyone have a nice, sharp picture of the logo around 1024 pixels in width or so?

Maybe This URL is your friend. I found severeal WPs there and if you know Photoshop, you could download a big Wallpaper and modify it for your needs :)

I Googled for the logo, and I even downloaded the blue wallpaper one. My Photoshop skills aren’t that good, though, and every attempt to extract the logo or just the outline of it ended up in some jagged edged ugly as hell image. ;]

That’s why I thought I’d try here instead. ;]


Try that one on for size :)



Thanks a lot! ;]

Why isn’t that page linked from the site? Or was I just too lazy to find it? ;]

It’s tucked away in an old wallpaper thread:


In some early wallpaper designs I did, I actually extracted the vector graphic logo from a flash movie which is on the main area of the website (the little “order your copy today” thing which is displayed on the left).

The PNG definitely came in handy for the later stuff though.

Shouldn’t this be in some press-kit on the site?

Duh… why haven’t i seen these wallpapers here…


Da oldskool wallpapa rokkz dood! :lol: