Looking For A Particular Vocal Sample

So there’s this particular vocal sample I’m looking for. Childhood memories I guess. I think it’s Ronni Size or Atlantic Con but I’m not sure. It occurs at 26:30 in this Mike Paradinas mix http://www.xlr8r.com/news/2011/08/listen-planet-mu-boss-mike-parad

Anyway. Just one of those old things that I wanted to add to my sample collection. I’m sure someone here has heard it before. I’m just trying to find what song it originally came out of. And beyond that, it’d be really rad to have a HQ vocal sample of it.

Roni Size Reprazent - New Forms

I’m not sure if that particular “feeling so high” line is an original lyric by Onallee (who sings on the whole “New Forms” album), or if it’s sampled from somewhere else. Seems like it’s probably an original lyric by her, though. Similar tone and vibe. Good luck tracking down an acapella! :)