looking for a tool that captures winamp-vis.

i’m looking for a tool that captures or renders winamp-visualisation-plugs (like AVS) … or a tool that features the winamp-vis.plugs with any audio-source …

any idea?

cheers, Alex

try fraps ( http://www.fraps.com/ )

its designed to capture directx output from games. i dont know, how it can handle 2d surfaces. you will probably need to run the visualisations in fullscreenmode.

for “postproduction”, virtualdub ( http://virtualdub.sourceforge.net/ ) is your friend.

both tools are freeware.

thanx Pulsar … not really what i’m looking for … but i will try the possibilities

ah, now i get it…

well, there is a line-in input plugin available for winamp. you can feed any audio signal into winamp and trigger the visualisations then.

yes?! :) do you know the name of this plug!? … if not - don’t search … i will looking for …

(i’m planing my forthcoming live-acts … maybe with a video-beamer ;) )