Looking for a vocalist...


I’m looking for a metal/metalcore vocalist to team up with me on my next song! It would be awesome to add some growling/screaming and clean vocals to my music.

Go check out my music at www.soundcloud.com/gloamingmusic. Let me know if you are interested!

Ps. If you guys know another site where I could post this let me know that as well!

good luck with your search! My mate recommended this site to me for such things http://www.kompoz.com/music/home

Okay, thanks!



My old black metal band.

Your band is a bit too hardcore for me, but if you wanna collab on some tracks and start a side project let me know. I could use some djent type chugs. I really couldn’t commit to the Post-hardcore thing though.

I was a total black metal listener and tracker about ten years ago. I started to make black metal with Fasttracker 2 then. But now I rarely listen black metal stuff anymore.

The BM was made with Sonar. I don’t listen to much new black metal, but I still love the classics. You can’t tell me you stopped listening to BM, but you still enjoy the xHxCx breakdown stuff!

I’ll PM you