🐛 Looking for beta testers for the upcoming Renoise 3.3 and Redux 1.2 release

In the past we usually have done public betas, where every registered Renoise user could download the betas at the backstage. This time we’d like to do things a bit differently, and only want to invite a bunch of people to help us testing the beta versions before it’s going public. This hopefully eases things on our side by concentrating on fewer people. Also, the 3.3 mostly is about just one feature: VST3 so we’re not expecting many issues that need to be discussed apart from plugin compatibility issues.

We also won’t have time to add new features during the beta and will try to release Renoise 3.3 stable this year - if possible.

If you want to help testing the Renoise 3.3 betas, before they are going public please send me a private message with the following info:

  • your backstage email (your login), so we can enable the beta builds at the Renoise backstage for you. Please note: don’t send us your passwords - we just need the login
  • the operating system that you’re going to use mostly (Windows, OSX, Linux), so we can make sure that all platforms get tested somewhat evenly

I think we’ll only need around 30 (33?) people to test the betas, so please understand that we can’t accept all requests.

Please only request access to the betas, if you are planning to do some actual testing

This release basically only is about VST3 support, so there’s really not much more to see.

Thanks a lot for your help!


some news finally! :slight_smile:
Looking forward to this!

What are the features of Redux1.2? Can we use it as an effect?

As this release mainly focusses on VST3, there are no new Redux only features.



Will there be more options available for vst directories?microtuning? Sorry just curious…

Nope. Mainly VST3. That’s it. This alone requires a lot of testing and finetuning, to ensure that all (well, most) plugins work as expected in Renoise.


I couldn’t agree more. Mixbus32c launched VST3 compatibility as it was a minor release, whereas 3 subsequent updates were addressing some serious issues (crashing DAW, not really usable).

Out of curiosity, what makes VST3 more difficult than VST2 to implement?

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dumb question but Is there a sound difference between the two ? or is it just more cpu efficient?

It’s a new standard which is not backwards compatible with VST2 - so everything is different “internally”. And this means we basically need to test every plugin out there, to ensure that it works correctly in Renoise.


VST2 is deprecated - Steinberg no longer allows new plugin developers to license it. So many new plugins are only available as VST3 plugins.

It has a bit better support for Linux (it’s at least defined how it should work on Linux), allows resizing editors (without hacks). And there are a little things here and there which make host and plugin authors life easier, but it won’t be more CPU efficient.


Is it then possible in Linux to set keyboard focus on vst3 when playing with keyboard and ajust the parameters on the synth? Before it Was not possible like on windows

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Count me in please

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