Looking For Free Voice Samples ...

I’ve just done this weeird spooky-like loop in Renoise and I’d like to add some screams to it.
Are there any free (ie cleared) voice samples of this type out there?

There’s a cd of “the Exploited” called “fuck the system”
and song 2 of that cd contains a scream of 42 seconds!

very good scream to sample! :D

check out freesounds

Yeah, check http://www.freesound.org there was some good scream pack out there.

The Freesounds pack isn’t really what I’m looking for (Indian-style grunts) but I guess I’ll find a use for it some day.
What I’m looking for is “AAAAaaarrgghhhhhhhhh they’re gonna kill me!!”-kind of samples. :)
I could do some of them myself though (hoping the neighbours won’t call the cops lol).

lol Just the name of the cd gets me interested in buying it!
I found a loophole in a system just now. :) :)
That’s what life’s all about isn’t it : finding loopholes while not breaking any laws/rules. :yeah:

You should do it yourself if you have the stuff to record!

I have a cheap Sennheiser mic, don’t know if I have the voice though. :)
I’ll have to experiment with pitch shift a bit.

Sometimes in Games the “soundfiles” in the games-directory (usually c:\programs[gamename]) are regular ogg and WAV-samples. So, if you own some war-games you might find stuff there :)

There’s seriously a shitload of vocal samples on the Freesound website… you should just search through there. I guarantee you will find something useable. That aside, check out the creative commons movie archive… some of the movies there are Creative Commons licensed… and there is much horror: http://www.archive.org/details/movies