Looking For Good Headphones

I’m looking forward to replacing my old Technics HT-400 headphones with something better. In search for closed-ear studio monitor headphones that cost around US$100 (yes, my budget is limited), I came across AKG Acoustics K-240 M (the specs can be found here) which seems to have the best price/performance ratio. However, before I order those I’d like to hear your recommendations. If you have anything better to suggest, or something to say about K-240M, speak out. Thanks!

In general Sennheiser has the best of the best. Try to compare a model around your budget.
But I’m sure the AKGs will do the job aswell.

sennheiser under 150€ (or $) are crap.

I personally got some Sony MDR-CD480, and they are great. (and were about 60$).
My advice is to take a few CDs you know, go to some store and ask them if you could check their headphones with your CDs. listen to your Music with their headphones and pick the best. I did this when I needed some, and I ended with those Sony I have now, because the Technics and Sennheisers they had for 100$ or more did sound much worse than those Sonys I have now.
Also, specifications might sound good on paper, but how the Headphones really sound is not guaranteed by some fancy specs.

I have a Sennheiser Headphone and it sounds good to me :)

I bought it for almost 60 pounds ($120)

Beyer DT 100 - They look awfull but are really good…

i recommend getting the Beyerdynamic DT-880, which i bought myself after a long-term research and comparisons between Grado, Sennheiser, AKG and Sony cans.
i’m highly satisfied with the DT880’s and i hope they’ll last for the next few decades, since i’m really not planning on exchanging with anything else notime soon.

below i quoted a few tiny reviews on the DT880s from verious head-fi sites and user forums.

I bought my AKG K240 over 10 years ago (!!!) and they are still going strong. AKG is known for their quality, even if their headphones look like something from the 19th century… ;) but who cares, better with nice quality rather than just a nice look :)

if you need great LINEAR headphones and a closed system with a high dynamic range … for a good price …
AUDIO TECHNICA ATH-M40fs thomann - audio technica

(expensive hphones like beyerdynamic DT880 are hifi headphones … good for listening cd’s not so good for making music/editing/mastering coz most hifi-headphones misrepresent the sound really)

akg 240 are not so pleasant to wear > my experience … ( big pressure on the ears - not because of the sound ;) )

but great headphones too … good linear sound … but not closed (>not so good for vocal-recordings)

try sennheiser HD series
good to me

??? what do you mean with big pressure on the ears??? It might be your experience, not mine. I think they are very pleasant to wear > my experience :D

maybe my head is too big :lol: :D

I’ve used a pair of K-240 M’s for a couple of years now. They seem pretty balanced across the spectrum, although the bass response seems just a bit low. I’ve listened to some of my friends’ comparable phones (around same price) and none sounded any better to me, so I can’t see spending the money to buy new ones any time soon. If you’ve got a laptop they may not work well for you - I don’t know - as they’re 600ohm and need to be driven harder than a walkman will go, for instance.

They don’t hurt my ears after 10 hours wearing 'em; in fact, they barely even touch my ears, so maybe Korn’s got big ears in addition to a big head. :)

:) … i’m not an elefant ;)

it used a beyerdynamic dt-331 for some years,
sounded very good, then i´ve bought a
sony MDR-V700 (usually (ab)used as DJ Mixing Headphones,
there really to strong for that :slight_smile: )
they´re fantastic !

basses are very natural and not overrepresented,
very transparent sound, almost like monitor boxes !

:drummer: :guitar: :yeah: :D :D :D

So, after reading your suggestions and considering online reviews, I finally stuck with AKG K-240 M’s. To be honest, I’m slightly disappointed; not because of their sound characteristics – which are excellent – but lack of comfort. They feel too tight, and cannot be worn more than 1-2 hours straight before the ears start aching. For short-term utilization, however, they’re great.