Looking for Hip Hop MCs


Me and my friend are working on Hip Hop album and looking for underground MCs who would like to feat with us. Is there any who raps and likes dirty and fat beats? Maybe you know someone ?

Im pretty dope

Do you have more tracks ?
Wanna hear you with some BOOMBAP beat. :D

Our last projects:

yo im down to spit on some fat boom bap beats Stream Thepalehorse187 music | Listen to songs, albums, playlists for free on SoundCloud
none of this is with my new mic js got a at 2020 sounds a lot better hit me up and hopefully we can cook up something good!


heres one of my tracks! Looking for Collabs with any artist im not picky just looking to have fun and make music. you can pm me on soundcloud or email me at noahwilcocklss@gmail.com for info!