Looking for music for a game

Hi Everyone,
We are currently developing a game for handheld devices. For this we need music, and my plan is to use tracker music.
I haven’t decided on whether I want one artist to do an actual soundtrack or compile a playlist with tracks from several different artists.
In either case I am very interested in finding possible tracks or artists for collaboration.
Get in touch and i will be happy share more info about the game.

What we want and don’t want:

  • Read about the acceptable file formats here: http://docs.unity3d.com/Documentation/Manual/TrackerModules.html.
  • Only unpublished music.
  • Only original tracks - you must own all rights.
  • The game is NOT a pixelart, and the music should not be retro.
  • We are looking for both high intensity tracks as well as more quiet tracks.
  • Melody is a plus.
  • The game will be launched for touch devices, and the music should sound good even on shitty phone speakers.
  • There are boss fights.

We will pay a symbolic fee to acquire the necessary rights. Composers will be credited in the game.

You can read more about us on www.pressplay.dk

Let me know if you have any questions.

I take it that the game will be free, since you will only offer a symbolic fee for the music?

Yes, the game is built on a free-to-play model with in-app purchases, but that doesn’t really have anything to do with the payment. “Symbolic payment” is just a way to adjust people’s expectations and points to the fact, that there is a limited budget for music in this production. We are happy to pay whoever we collaborate with in manner that will satisfy everyone involved.

Ah, that’s different. People should offer their music and be prepared to negotiate the terms of payment.

Since this is a for-proft venture, composers should expect to be adequately compensated beyond a “symbolic payment”.

The way you first phrased it you made it sound like you were expecting people to provide music for free, or nearly free.

I’m definitely interested in this, but I’d like a better idea of what environment or tone that the music would be set to.
I’m also interested to know if you’re going to be creating ‘dynamic’ music with the tracker format. (For example, using the context events in the game to change the music currently playing, like adding a certain melody line to a track when a specific enemy is encountered.)

Just say you offer a good bottle of booze as the symbolic payment and you get more applications for the job :P

I could be interested. What style of music do you need? With orchestral instruments, synthetic instruments, rock band instruments? What’s the theme of the game? E.g. if it’s a war game, maybe orchestral, military music will do.

Unity can import .aif, .wav, .mp3, and .ogg. also tracker modules in the .xm, .mod, .it, and .s3m formats.

sound file conversion
This provides a good tracker format graph

Tentacles reminds me of that Edmund McMillen game with the spider and the Tin Hat Trio music. That was a good game.

It would be cool to get a bunch of Renoisers together to do different tracks for different stages of the game.

But we wouldn’t be able to use Renoise, would we? Renoise’s format is not among the accepted ones. Or am I missing something? I was thinking about using my dear old OpenMPT for this.

Someone made an app that can convert xrns to mod or xm: http://xrns2xmod.codeplex.com/

So yeah, I’m assuming you can use whatever you want, as long as it’s sample-based and native.

Ah, yes. I had forgotten about that. I have it installed, actually.

Yeah, but this only makes it easy for you to continue in trackers like Milkytracker.
You are really best off in Milkytracker from scratch if you want to compose in native mod format than do stuff in Renoise and figure out after conversion you used stuff (commands/enevelopes) that are completely not compatible to the format.

We are working with a stylized somewhat abstract universe. Currently we are using a set of electronica tracks, and I like the mood that gives.
I can send you a small video of the prototype we have running, if you send me your contact details.

That would be awesome. I would love to have rolling soundtrack, where I we could add a few new tracks every 2 weeks or so.

Yeah, we are looking at only the tracker formats.

Booze is naturally included :wink:

Send me your contact details, and I will be able to send you more information about the game.
The soundtrack is not intended to be dynamic as such. The idea is to have almost full length tracks. The dynamic aspect is going to to come from the use of filters (high pass, lowpass, etc.) added on the fly.
Apart from that, we will divide the tracks we find fitting into different categories, that match the different parts of the game.
At the moment we have the following categories, but new can added at a later time.

  • Quiet
  • Cruising
  • Intense
  • Boss

One more thing. It does not have to be new tracks. If you have something in the drawer, you think might be of interest, please get in touch.
Deadline for submitting tracks is September 1st.
Best, Ole

Does Unity’s IT support include resonance and filtering, or is it just raw sample effects? I’d love to contribute something, but I’m a hardcore fan of IT’s filtering and can’t seem to make a tune without it :blush:

Either way, ChibiTracker to the rescue!

I suspect Unity uses Un4seen development’s BASS module library to play tracker files, but I was unable to confirm it. If that’s the case, you can download XMPlay and listen to your files there to make sure they sound the way they are supposed to.

Are you still looking for music for the game?

HELLO!! Still looking for music? Let me know if ever ;)