Looking for Musical Contests


Are there cool websites to find cool musical contests?

I would prefer:

  • free contests
  • free choice of the daw
  • free choice of the style

I don’t care about prices. My goal is just to find some cool contests to have fun. Something with stems or sample packs. And deadlines around 1 or 2 months. Does it exist?


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IDM Forums holds a monthly Beats Battle contest with a theme and provided sample packs. Each winner chooses the next theme and provides the samples for the new contest. It’s free to enter just make an account on the website., DAW choice is free, and the style is free choice so long as it fits the theme of the contest (although the aren’t too strict about this last bit to be honest).


Without any samples though :heart_eyes:


I’m not sure https://unsignedonly.com/ is free.
It’s not clear but I think you have to pay $35 each time you submit a track.
If this is it, then it’s not for me.

Not a contest… but somewhat a collab with NASA :ringer_planet: :star: :artificial_satellite:

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Thank you very much @Fabrice !
You are right, perhaps it is not really a contest, but it is definitively the kind of things I like.
Easy rules. Easy way to contribute.
Here is the link to the official site: https://www.nasa.gov/lucy-soundscape

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I just found this one, that aggregates many contests:

If you’re looking for a contest each year, you can contribute C64 and Amiga remixes all over the year to remix64. There’s a voting every year for the best remixes in several categories and you can win an award, which looks like this:

And there are also other competitions, which are getting announced right here.

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About Lucy Soundscape, is there someone can confirm my translation? (I have sometimes difficulties to convert sheet music into a tracker pattern):

Am I correct to translate like this (considering 1 bar is 4 row)?


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Hello @Fabrice,

All seems good to me for both notes and rythm. To have something the most accurate as possible, I have to slow down to tempo something like 60 BPM. And depending on the sound you use, perhaps play on octave 3 or 4 more than on octave 5. But yes, you already have it!

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Yes effectively, according to the sheet music the motif start more with a C4. I’ll try with this.

I add this Top 9 of remix stems and remix compets websites:


Thanks to @MemoryCanyon I add this URL:

That seems very interesting, even if I don’t know where to start.
But I’m n00b, which seems to be a good point for me here, lulz.

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New contests roughly every month here; currently at the start of a song writing challenge:

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