Looking For Remixed C64 Tunes

like this ones:

thanks in advance.


Also Mind in a Box’s R.E.T.R.O. album is worth checking out.

Instant Remedy is definitely my favorite C64 game remixer.

Well, thank you .xrns :)
(MartinIR = Instant Remedy)

Really?! bows before the master

Hehe, Renoise was the savior to my tracking needs, I just couldn’t handle any other DAW.
My Amiga Remix Album is just about finished, just some small details here and there and mastering. Release this summer for those who are into Amiga remixing (or retro remixing in general).

Cool anybody knew about me around here :)


Tjena Martin,

You’re welcome. I basically love all your work since I heard your Last Ninja remixes back in 2001… Of course I’ll also buy your upcoming album, looking forward to hear it!