Looking For Sample Rns Files

Hi im a beginner at Renoise… use to use FT2 religiously and recently made the switch…

the best way i learn is ussually by observation… if anyone doesn’t mind id like to see the raw RNS of a track that you dont care about that you have done mastering on and effects on to see how it all works and how to do it…

if anyone ahs msn messenger you can add me :)


Thanks in advance…

there is some Rns in the music gallery, but i do agree that they are too few.

hopefully more people will share their track when a common basis of Vst is estabilished. ( and there are 4 guys searching for them :slight_smile:

i myself have posted on my site some Rns files, but i m not that good producer ( getting used to Long loops, bad music style and little trickz … :slight_smile:

i guess people who have rns on their page could post that on a tread.


some rns files in this thread