Looking For Script Ideas?

Looking for script ideas?

Check out: Ideas & suggestions. :)

Seriously though, I see a lot of ideas and suggestions that are totally Lua scriptable.

I’ve also seen ideas turn into Tools a couple of times in the last few weeks (props to dblue’s PatternResizer and SetPatternLengthFromSample, for example).

I’m not sure of the best approach to lobby for a coder’s time, but ideas are in abundance!

Good times.

Perhaps we should add a [luaTIP] tag in the extended description of the topic title if an idea is fully Lua scriptable?

could someone write a topic2lua automatic converter?

I made one for It-Alien:

134569 people asking for scripts, 5 people scripting…

Maybe the underlying message of my post went over heads.

It was meant as a “Gotta start somewhere!” for budding scripters, not “Can’t someone else do it!

Oh well.

I modified It-Alien’s live looper script to use OSC instead of MIDI, but packaging it (making it a tool) and writing up how to install it(which is lengthy), I don’t even want to try. That and bugs I have encountered in my version, I wouldn’t even know where to begin tracking down. With these scripts it’s not finished once it’s released, once it’s released is when the hard part comes. (tracking down bugs and/or usage, feature requests) This took me about 1.5 full weeks of evenings to figure out how to do it, then got completely stuck. 3 months later I picked it back up and had it working usably within a few hours, encountered a bug that makes renoise crash, found my log file was now 5MB, gave up on it.
That was the last time I opened the scripting editor, I just want to use renoise to make music.

101010: I’m not trying to single you out. I just feel there’s an avalanche of feature requests in the last few days.

But yeah, linking directly from this thread doesn’t help.

I don’t care.

Am I supposed to respond to this? Oh wait, I got something.


It’s not important, I imagine you are just bored trying to stir the pot.
To give you an explanation, I posted the idea I linked in this thread, because of this thread.
Otherwise I wouldn’t have posted it, this is why I simply don’t care.

If you are just trying to provoke me you can use your thread to crusade on people not sharing their code, but I certainly don’t see it going to help at all, as you are definitely not going to be able to stop everyone from posting their ideas for tools, and this form of provocation will deaden any current aspirations of giving to the community.

I see a lot of renoise users want to learn scripting but don’t know where to start, those who do know coding simply wouldn’t use renoise or lua, except for your 5 members releasing tools. The API just isn’t there yet, way too much to be desired.
Even yourself, you post PHP examples in a LUA oriented scripting subforum. I simply don’t see anyone installing apache to run your examples. I think the premise of even writing anything of help in PHP to a LUA oriented API is just 99% dead air. Conveying ideas in PHP is what you seem to mostly do that is the 1%, it’s just saying you don’t have time to learn LUA either. That’s kind of bad.

I disagree.

I replied to this thread in a joking manner because it seemed to me people were joking around.

I came back to the thread to clarify why I posted. I was hoping for scripts, not feature requests.

There’s obviously more than 5 Lua scripters, the Lua tools page has a dozen. Theres a bunch more posting snippets in the forum. I actually got that line from IRC. Someone else made the joke. I just thought it was funny.

See previous paragraph. My intention wasn’t to stop people from posting. My intention was to continue this thread, and to put this thread back on track. Otherwise I could have replied to individual feature requests, like I already do.

Completely disagree.

The only PHP scripts I posted in this subforum were document conversion scripts. I also posted some OSC stuff, but that’s no different that people using Pure Data for OSC. It’s one of a thousand ways to do it. Nothing wrong with that at all.

Lua is written in C. Bash scripts could be Lua, but they aren’t. Falls under “Right tool for the right job”. The best tool for text parsing and conversion probably would have been Perl, but PHP is a good second choice since I knew it and could do it quickly. Many jokingly refer to PHP as “Perl’s retarded cousin.” You don’t need apache to run PHP. At least not on the operating systems I use.

Finally, people can use the documentation without running my scripts. That was why I wrote them, to make docs, not scripts.

Problem is people dont know where to start,and learning code would probably eat into their renoise time.A few video tutorials would probably get a lot of people started.Could anybody take this up???

If somehow you interpreted my thread link as a form of sarcasm or jokes, in my view it was an idea directed toward someone who has shown the most interest toward the nature of the idea, based on previous shares.

For the sake of brevity & your thread, we disagree on several points, it was not apparent to me you were joking around, and I can leave it at that. :)

honestly, I don’t think a video tutorial could teach programming. People have this new myth of visual learning which should be able to teach you anything you need, while learning to code (and many other things) just need study, time and will. I don’t think there could ever be something like a video tutorial for programmers, at least until programming will require the kind of skills that it currently does.

a video tutorial could maybe show you the basics of how to open an existing tool, look into its code, work on the terminal, but believe me, that’s just 1% of what you would need in order to actually code things

sure, one little intro video won’t do the trick. but i’ve seen plenty of in-depth coding video’s. (apple for example… or lynda.com) so don’t act if it’s a weird idea, cuss it really isn’t.

indeed I’m saying that no video could teach you the coding basics in a specific language, unless you mean something which explains the object-oriented programming like showing you a dog and telling “a dog has four legs, and you know it is a dog because it has four legs”, but this would be of no use in this case in my opinion

well your opinion is just wrong, that’s my point. i bet you never actually saw a in-depth coding tutorial series because if you did you wouldn’t have this opinion.

Even to explain anything would help because most people dont have a clue what programming is all about.A video tutorial must be able to help surely though???I mean if someone teaches you code,you would learn,if someone just videotaped the person teching you codeing,could you not learn from that???I dont know anything about code but surely your mistaken???

When I was learning the very basics; variables, loops, conditionals etc. I found these videos on youtube. You will need to click the youtube Load more button a few times as there are a lot of videos on that channel:


I watched the short series on C as I was also reading this book:


The videos always help for re-enforcement but having a good book/ reference to hand is pretty essential IMO.
Also see the links in my sig for beginners sites for Lua.

I really think an XRNX wiki could be great (for beginners particularly), which I have requested but I don`t know if it is high priority atall.

+1 for video tutorials please
Id love to contribute to this awesome community and also like to learn something new because I have a lot of time on my hands to really get into it.

Please, please do this :)