Looking For Some Decent Beats

Hi all,

I 'm an IDM producer outta London, UK.

I was wondering where I can find some free beats that I can use in my productions.

Copyright isn’t necessarily an issue, since I tend to process the hell out of my beats.
But it would be nice if its legal too…

hello ,

you’ll find all you need at soundsnap.com , loads of free sounds , including beats and samples from mike dred , si begg , monster x and others


and of course it’s legal ;)

courtesy from basil and jealousy :phatdrumloops
breakbeat paradise

loads here : sampleswap

free sound project

if you are looking for breaks (short drum sequences from different funk etc tracks) then you might want to check out these breakpacks Loads of nice breaks you can cut up and process in your beat programming.

Sit tight for some “stuff” from a few of us soon ;)

(hint hint)

101 Breaks, the highest quality classic breakbeat pack you’ll ever find.

D.O.A. classic breaks pack

some rex, most wav absolutely loads of the best classic breaks from a dogs on acid thread.

some ace beats in here.