looking for someone that can write game music

hello, im new here, not realy very good at music my self but im good a writing games and im looking for someone to fill the part of audio composer or what ever you call it, no direct wage just a percent of games sales for the right person for the life of the game, iv made an example using looped samples i found on the net so cant use them but wanted something simlar, have a listen if you can make stuff that sounds and feels like that then let me know.

heres a link to my soundcloud with the example on it https://soundcloud.com/p-code-b-code/boss-1-background-music-test

Yeah man, can do sound effects too if you want them?

can you make a small example 20 seconds or somat so i can hear what you can do before i show you the game as is top secrete until the music is done

Can you use music from No Soap Radio? http://www.nosoapradio.us/

“Free Music for Use in Videos, Games, or whatever else you like!
Under Creative Commons Attribution License.
(yes, you can use it commercially!)”

I only make ‘game over’ tracks or die sound fx

I hope the game is insanely difficult and then maybe we can arange something like ; if the player dies i get 1 cent :wink:

what is the format you are looking for?

8bit sounds I really like this one, let us know what kind of game you have so we can have a little idea and fit our music with the game you’ve made even a print screen will do