Looking for someone who can create a renoise tool for $$$

As the title says , i would like to have a custom tool created , which would be a piano roll.

What are your requirements and what are you offering?

excuse my ignorance, but i assume that this is someone trolling :stuck_out_tongue:

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No, this is a legit request.

Functions as shown in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQLTvEltv5g&t=5s
you already know , just posting this again for the rest to see, i will reply privately for what im offering.

Looking at the video, you seem to be pretty far with it already. Making the project as is available as open source on Github for example might allow other developers in the community to help out (for money or for free).

obviously that is not me who created that. its an old project from someone else that seems to be abandoned

Oh sorry, didn’t catch that. Maybe someone knows the author and their forum handle, so they can be contacted?

hopefully , i already tried to contact no reply so far.

After a quick search it seems to be @frenetic_friend, but I don’t know if he is already on the forum or into Renoise stuffs?

The topic about this pianoroll tool is here.

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Have you checked out @Raul’s tool here: https://ulneiz.es/renoise-tools/piano-roll-editor/

It’s a middle ground tool, so it’s not quite the same as using a piano roll in a typical DAW. Plus, it’s got a lot of options you wouldn’t find in Renoise natively.

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I started the project last year but after I found free Cakewalk I decided to stop my development. Current Renoise API is great but for good piano roll we need more (canvas, tracking of mouse position and left mouse click, direct audio without OSC). Today it is possible to create something between matrix (or step sequencer) and piano roll but why…

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Did you make that ? That is beautiful

Is it possible to continue that project and bring it as close to do what a simple piano roll does ? No velocities, quantize and automations inside ,just to be able to compose horizontally* from 1/1 to 1/32 lengths in grid and note lengths ,snap to grid ,and octaves from c0 to c6.
Would you like to talk about it in some messenger?

Frankly to say, not now. Unfortunately, it is not work for hours but for days, maybe weeks. And I am 44 with small babies and lack of free time :-/
I would like to have a good piano roll inside Renoise, as you. Roll is very neat and useful for the off beat composing. But too much work and as a result we get semi piano roll with some limitations and bugs because with the current Renoise API tracking of mouse position will not be precise. I need some enhancements in API to get better result.

If you use Rewire and Bandlab Cakewalk you will get great piano roll for free. And this is the reason why I chose to stop my development. Give a try…

But never say never. If I have more free time maybe I can continue. Time will tell.

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TBH if it was me it would be a lot longer than that :slight_smile:

I’ll just mention that it is also possible to write the piano roll GUI front end with a 3rd party language/library/java/C++/python/malbolge…whatever and just use Renoise lua to transmit/receive the track data to/from Renoise via a network socket. That way you should gain control of mouse events and a ‘canvas’ area to draw to your hearts content. More work? Yup. Why don’t you write it then? I don’t feel the need for a piano roll in Renoise. But it is kinda doable to get something out of it if you are really dedicated to that type of thing.


+1. The viewbuilder is a bit limited, and even when abusing it you will be forced to make compromises. My evaluation is that you will end up with a piano roll that never quite will bring the ease and workflow that is expected from a piano roll conventionally.

Electron might be a good option as well. But eventually, all of this raised the question: “wtf… isn’t it better to use rewire and put some tracks where i really need a piano roll in the other daw? and mix in this daw…” It’s not ideal in all ways, but my answer to this was a yes.

EDIT: A VSTi piano roll would be very neat (“midi generator”). That minihost modular didn’t quite work like that last time i checked (?)… bummer. Maybe there are technical reasons (transport) to why that idea wouldn’t work.

EDIT2: With electron you can make it look almost native to Renoise :slight_smile: https://www.dropbox.com/s/woomykh8kz7l32n/fakeit.gif?dl=0

EDIT3: Another abandoned project. The inevitable lack of keyboard+mouse workflow would never make it a comfortable enough roll for me. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ljiei7jvs6hbym7/gui1.gif?dl=0


Yes, I agree with you Joule.

What is the Electron? LUA Library?

Quite easy to use.

Mini host modular has a piano roll in case you missed it.


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