Looking For The Right Hardware (Mixer?) To Multitrack Record In To Ren

Hello. I’m a long-time Renoise user. I also am a long-time analog recorder as well. I struggle with integrating the two, though. Ideally I would like an interface that would integrate my mixer in to Renoise so that each track from the mixer would record in to separate tracks within Renoise. So ideally, I can be playing along with sequenced beats in Renoise and have guitars/vocals from my mixer being pulled in to Renoise in their respective tracks (just as single long-take samples would be fine…).

As it is now, I’m having to record from the mixer in to a digital 8-track, one instrument at a time, and then export/import in to Renoise as a auto-seeking sample. I have to do it one instrument at a time so I can have separate instruments as their own tracks in Renoise.

Seems like there’s a big disconnect there. Would this be possible by switching to some sort of USB mixer? Or Firewire? Any recommendations on mixers to accomplish this?


a 2nd audiodevice used with reaper on the same machine works quite well. I’m using a zoom R16 (usb) and a plain asio firewire device atm but looking for a affordable firewire mixer too.

maybe some alesis multimix.

Allen & Heath Zed R16??


affordable ;)

Initial post doesn’t actually mention anything about cost ;)

See you’re looking for one too. This post is mainly aimed at Dep but the last comment may help you. Two conversations in one thread may get confusing though…

Seems you have an 8 channel mixer with tape/record outs for each channel, yes? I am assuming this from the comment on recording to 8-track from the mixer. If so then wouldn’t any audio interface with 8 input channels suit you? Why mention the desire for a USB/Firewire mixer?

What is your current audio interface? If it has ADAT then expanding it with something like the Behringer ADA8000 is a viable option. I recently donated mine to a friend so he can record his band through multiple channels at once and my desktop (and thus card with ADAT) is pretty much obsolete and gathering dust.

But a mention of Budget and Current Setup would be a good place to start to get more useful suggestions ;)

Mackie Onyx: http://www.mackie.com/products/onyxiseries/

The Alesis you mention.

Or Behringer are about to release (just released?) the Xenyx Firewire range: http://www.behringer.com/assets/UFX1604_WebBRochure.pdf

Thanks for the options, all. As far as price goes, I’m looking for something sub $300. These suggestions definitely got me on the right track.

I think the ZED 14 is worth a try. http://www.allen-heath.com/uk/Products/Pages/ProductDetails.aspx?CatId=ZEDSeries&ProductId=ZED14 It’s USB tho. stuff like this seems to be auto-expensive once usable in money-making-terms. what a shame.